Due to local health unit restrictions, the City of London is shutting down rec hockey effective Monday December 14th until a date TBD.

Thus, as of December 11, 2020 the MNHL is on hold for the time being.

The league will release more info on what this means as information becomes available.

If the health unit lifts restrictions and City of London allows us to return to the ice, we will share our plans for continuing hockey at that time.

Apologies for this – please give the league a couple weeks to figure out the next steps.

Any questions, feel free to email the league at or your captain.

December 7th Game Reports

Leafs 2 Red Wings 2 

Red Wings enter the Red Stage for goals scored, meaning 14 day isolation from the score sheet.  Leafs also come back to reality after an impressive showing last week.

Maybe the best game of the year so far this season, competitive back and forth action with good goaltending, solid defense and lots of chances for both teams.  Marty had 2 for the Wings while Big Matt S pops another one past the tendy for the Leafs to give him 3 for the year – a career high!

Penguins 5 Bruins 3

Adam C had a beautiful end to end goal only to be matched by Blair a few minutes later.  A game that was wide open as basketball game with fast breaks and lots of chances.

Eventually, the Pens would take the lead with less then 2 minutes left, and then ice it with an open netter to beat the sub-filled Bruins.

Kings 4 Whalers 2

Old Jimmy had the boys firing in the pre game skate but alas…. nothing but disappointment for the Green Fish as Henry’s boys continues to roll without the Big Bearded Leader.

It was a close game.  A beautiful snipe by John L to open the scoring. Two from Marc Lalonde. One from big Rich.

But it was the third game in a row that Henry was on IR healing from ganglion surgery. The third game in a row that the Kings won… without their leader. The second in a row that Talbot spared in his place.   Some on the Kings want to know the MNHL process for switching team captains.


November 9, 2020

MNHL Action returns tonight at Carling Arena.  The league will operate under local government Covid restrictions and we fully support all restrictions in place in order to keep our league safe, but I think it’s safe to say many are eager to get back on the ice.

Game Play Changes

A couple of changes in game play due to Covid regulations:

  1. No game clock – the game will run until the curfew (10 min before the end of the rental) and the referee will end the game with the whistle.  No periods.
  2. Faceoffs only permitted at the start of the game or after a goal.  After an offside, icing or goalie freeze, the defending team will clear the zone at the referees whistle to allow for a break out.
  3. Penalties will be served from the team bench not the penalty box and will be 3 minute straight time

MNHL Waiver

Don’t forget your MNHL Waiver which can be emailed to your captain before game 1 or brought to the rink.


City of London Covid Form

Players are required to complete their City of London Covid tracking sheet each night and as always, if you feel sick, stay home.


Also, don’t forget to sign up for the MNHL text reminders to get Monday morning game time updates (around 11am each Monday).

You can sign up from your cell phone as follows:

Text @mnhl

To (514) 600-6049

2020 Season is a GO!  Important Info

The 2020 season will commence on October 19, 2020 under modified format to conform to COVID related requirements from the City.

Games will run for 50 minute run time.


Over the next week, Captains have completed the draft and will be in contact with you to confirm your team and provide the schedule.

If you don’t hear from your Captain by October 10th email the league at to confirm.


We are still accepting spare and wait list players so sign up thru the sign up portal by clicking the link in the menu bar above.

Because of the small rosters, it’s important that all players let their captain know if they are unable to make a game for any reason.


If you are a player who has registered but are no longer able to play, please contact the league by October 10th to discuss.


Let’s be safe and smart out there, if you are feeling sick, or suspect you may have come into contact with someone who has been exposed to Covid, STAY HOME!!!

Masks are required when coming and going from the rink


Dressing rooms are restricted to 8 players so if you are able to dress home, that’s probably a good idea.  Show up, throw the skates on in the lobby and get on the ice.

Dressing rooms are restricted to 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after games, no showers are permitted.


Also, respect social distancing when ever possible (on the bench, in the lobby, waiting to get on the ice etc)

No spitting, sharing water bottles or other bodily fluid transmissions on the bench of ice.

Wash all equipment regularly.


We recommend all players download the Governments Covid tracking application for their phone.

Season Update – August 31, 2020

We received notification from the City of London that Carling Arena will likely reopen in mid October.  We haven’t been given any information on what restrictions will be in place in terms of number of people in the rink or on the ice at any one time – but that information should be provided shortly.

It is still our intention to run a season this winter once able but until restrictions are communicated to us,  we aren’t able to provide details of how that will look.

In the mean time, if you are interested in playing we encourage you to register for the season and we will share details with you ASAP.

If you have any questions, reach out to Scott or Matt.

2020 – 2021 SEASON UPDATE – JULY 7, 2020

Hello all,

Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the upcoming season.

We have no news or updated information regarding if ice will be available this season and have no idea if the new season will take place.

But, we do want to be ready in the event that we do get the go ahead to play.  As such, we are accepting registrations for the season.

We have extended the Early Bird rate to all players until August 1, 2020.  Players can pay $400.00 in full if they register and pay by the August 1st deadline.  Alternatively, players have the option of paying a $40 deposit by that same date, August 1st, and then paying the balance of $400 by September 1st as well.

Players must be paid in full by Sept 1, 2020 to be considered for the MNHL draft.

Also, at this time we are accepting new player referral registrations.  If a current MNHL’er has a referral, that player is free to register now.

Any players new to the MNHL without a referral are also welcome to contact the league board prior to registering to introduce themselves and go over our league guidelines and style of play.


There is also the possibility that we will be allowed to play at a later date and if that happens, we will pro-rate the registration fees according to how many games we play and refunds will be issued accordingly.  FULL REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF WE DO NOT HAVE A SEASON.

All payments will be accepted via e-transfer.  Goalies have the same options but their fee is 1/2 price.


Players should complete the form below.  Payments can be sent via e-transfer to league treasurer Kevin Noble at <> please use the password “Carling” on your e-transfer.

Your electronic receipt should be kept as your receipt of payment.

Click this Link to Register


All registrations are subject to review by the MNHL.  The MNHL reserves the right to deny entry to any player.  All players are subject to removal from the MNHL at anytime and will be granted a pro-rated refund.


MNHL Leadership


Former MNHL’er Eric Arts is helping fight Covid-19.  Check out this video:


As most are aware, the City of London has closed arenas and thus we are unable to complete the last 2 weeks of the MNHL Season.

We looked into alternative arrangements to complete the last games but there is no availability.  As such, we our season is officially over for this year.


After some consultation with the league organizers, it is our intention – at this time – to make great efforts to hold a 1 game MNHL CUP Finals between the Penguins and the Kings at the first available opportunity.

Once the current health situation is resolved and life returns to normal, the league will look into making this happen.  THERE WILL BE A 2020 MNHL CUP CHAMPION CROWNED AT SOME POINT!


Also, we are postponing the MNHL Party for the time being.  Early plans may include having the year end party in conjunction with the MNHL Cup game once the world has returned to normal… Stay tuned.

REGISTER FOR 2020-2021

Registration for next season is currently open.  See the post below for info on how to register.

Register for 2020-2021 Season

Only 59 Spots Remain for Skaters as of March 17, 2020

Registration is open for returning players for the 2020-2021 season.  The price will be $440.00 per player.

New player registrations will be considered starting April 1, 2020.

Players have 2 options to register

Option 1 – $400 Early Bird

Players can pay the $400.00 early bird fee, in full before April 1st.  Payment is accepted via e-transfer.

Option 2 – $440 ($40 Deposit and Pay Later)

Players can put down a $40.00 deposit now and pay the $400.00 balance by Sept 1 2020.

Note:  The early bird rate of $400 is only available if players pay the full price now, otherwise the $440.00 fee will apply.


Goalies have the same options but their fee is 1/2 price.


Players should complete the form below.  Payments can be sent via e-transfer to league treasurer Kevin Noble at <> please use the password “Carling” on your e-transfer. 

Your electronic receipt should be kept as your receipt of payment.

League treasurer Kevin Noble will accept will accept cash / cheque registrations at the year end party.  The preferred payment method is e-transfer.



All registrations are subject to review by the MNHL.  The MNHL reserves the right to deny entry to any player.  All players are subject to removal from the MNHL at anytime and will be granted a pro-rated refund.