Another MNHL Season has come and gone…

Another MNHL Season has come and gone. For over 50 years(or 30, or 20… nobody knows) some of the finest hockey players in London have walked thru the doors of Carling Arena on Monday nights ready to do battle on the ice.

The MNHL organizers want to give a great big thanks to all the players this season. We have a competitive and balanced year with no major issues and no covid shut downs. The Kings won the Cup, so Henry sits at the top of the mountain but teams are already training for the 2023-2024 season.

Some will go play summer hockey. Some will hit the golf course and the patios. Some will come back fatter and slower and some will come back in shape (but not many).

Get your registrations in (click the link above to register).

See you on the ice in October boys!

The MNHL Boys

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Kings 4 Avalanche 0

The Kings rule the Kingdom once again, capturing a 4-0 victory last night to capture their 2nd straight MNHL Cup.

Behind the strong goaltending of fill in Dave Breau, the Kings dominated in both ends of the ice.

The Avs had a strong season and despite falling short last night, held their heads high.

Register Now for the 2023-2024 MNHL Winter Season

Click HERE to register!

The 2023 / 2024 MNHL Winter season will start in Late September or Early October 2023 and play until the end of March 2024.

The season will have 8 teams of 10 skaters plus a goalie and play under the regular “fast break” rules.

Game times are TBD but expect the schedule to remain the same with 9pm, 10pm, 10:30pm and 11pm start times thru the season.


The cost for this season will be $460.00 ($230.00 for Goalies).

Returning players have 2 options to pay:


Players can pay in full by May 1, 2023 and get an early bird rate of $420.00 ($210.00 for goalies).


Players can reserve their spot with a $100.00 deposit and pay the $360.00 balance by September 15th. (Goalies pay $100.00 deposit and $130.00 balance)


New players must pay the full fee of $460.00.  We will open the registration to new players on May 1, 2023.

Payment can be made by e-transfer to  This account auto deposits and your email confirmation of deposit is your receipt of payment so please keep it.


Starting May 1, 2023, new players are accepted if space permits with a reference or approval of the league president and are subject to a probationary period that runs thru the end of November.  If required, any refunds would be pro-rated.


The team draft will take place in September.  Players must be paid in full to be eligible for the draft.


Any questions, contact the MNHL at


9:00 MNHL CUP Avalanche vs Kings

10:00 3rd Place Game Red Wings vs Whalers

10:30 Consolation Cup Bruins vs Flyers

11:00 Toilet Bowl Maple Leafs vs Penguins

MNHL Semi Final Scores March 20

Avs 4 Red Wings 3 (OT)

Controversy surrounds this semi-final match up. To avoid triggering Chuck again we’ll hold back the details but lets just say, the Avs are in the MNHL Finals under a cloud of contempt.

Kings 5 Whalers 1

Henry is back in teh finals, showing why he truly is the KING of the MNHL

Bruins 5 Leafs 3

Leafs struggle to get to 8 skaters but give it everything they have clawing back to tie it 2-2 before the Bruins run them down the ice to a 5-3 final. Leafs move to the toilet bowl. Bruins play for the consolation cup.

Flyers 6 Penguins 3

Flyers will battle the Bruins for 5th place

Pens go to the toilet bowl vs the Leafs in what should be an absolute barn burner


#1 Red Wings over #8 Leafs in a shootout

#7 Avs upset the #2 Bruins in a shoot out

#4 Whalers defeat #5 Flyers in a shootout

#6 Kings beat #3 Penguins 3-2 in OT


9:00 #1 Red Wings vs #7 Avalanche

10:00 #4 Whalers vs #6 Kings


10:30 #2 Bruins vs #8 Maple Leafs

11:00 #3 Penguins vs #5 Flyers

Final Standings & Playoff Match Ups

1st Red Wings with 28 points

2nd Bruins with 23 points

3rd Penguins with 21 points win 3 way tie breaker over Whalers and Flyers with 10 wins

4th Whalers with 21 points win tie breaker over Flyers based on head to head

5th Flyers with 21 points

6th Kings with 20 points

7th Avalanche with 17 points win tie breaker over Leafs on head to head

8th Leafs with 17 points

1st Round Playoff Match Ups March 6th

9pm #1 Wings vs #8 Leafs

10pm #2 Bruins vs #7 Avalanche

10:30pm #3 Penguins vs #6 Kings

11pm #4 Whalers vs #5 Flyers


The MNHL Summer League will go ahead Wednesday nights at the Western Fair from April thru end of August.

Cost and details TBD.

Reserve your spot below:

Playoffs Scenarios & Times

February 27th is the last week of the regular season.

Playoffs start Monday March 6th.

The Red Wings have clinched 1st place and the 9pm quarter final game.

Bruins clinch 2nd and will play #7 at 10pm

All other spots are still up in the air.

March 6 Playoff Game Times

9:00 (1) Red Wings vs (8)

10:00 (2) Bruins vs (7)

10:30 (3) vs (6)

11:00 (4) vs (5)

February 20 Game Scores

Bruins 5 Leafs 0

Penguins 7 Wings 2

Whalers 4 Flyers 2

Avalanche 5 Kings 4

March Break All Star Games March 13, 2023

The MNHL All Star game is open to any current MNHL player!

March 13th

9pm and 10pm games

No Cost

20 skaters per game plus 2 goalies



Do you like listening to 2 beautiful men from the SOO?

Listen to the MNHL’s own Willy Mei’s podcast “Soo Boys”

Playoff Picture

With 2 games left, the Wings have locked 1st place. All the other spots are still up for grabs.

Moral of the story… get the WINS and move up the standings

February 13 Scores

Flyers 7 Avalanche 3

Big night for the Flyers breaking their losing streak with some mixed up lines. That’s just good coaching!

Kings 4 Whalers 2

Kings get goal from Tyler, Curphey, Adams and Sharpe to jump over the Fish

Wings 3 Bruins 2

Wings fight back from a slow start and wet ice to take 2 points from the Bruins on the back of a short handed game winner from Young Parker

Leafs 5 Penguins 2

Leafs Win! Leafs win? Leafs get 2 points on the back of a strong game from Frenchy to get back in the win column over Blairs Birds

February 6 Scores

Penguins 3 Avalanche 2

Now that the publication ban has been lifted the penguins are happy to report another win over the heavily favoured Avalanche who have been rolling as of late. Previous reports of a Penguins win over the kings were left on the editing floor but with the 3rd win in a row the tabloids demanded an update on the penguins recent win streak.  Fresh from his appearance at the nhl All star weekend Darren Crockpot was the difference maker brewing up all the offence needed to pull off the upset. The recipe was simple just stew all day long and bring the spice to fill the back of the avalanche net. Even with part time firefighter R2, called up to replace RP the Pens defence, well recent call up Josh Tender, frustrated the Av’s offensive attack allowing just 2 goals on 107 shots attempts. Even with the extra attacker for the final 5 minutes of the game well it certainly felt that way the, the penguins held off the Av’s slowing moving up the in the standings. 

Can the penguins continue this run into the playoffs only time will tell. 

Final score Pens 3 Av’s 2. Goal scores not released as per penguins front office policy 

Red Wings 7 Kings 3

It started out as as fast, high flying, back and forth, goaltenders battle and one goal game for about 30 minutes but  four quick goals by the Wings, fuelled by an ego filled battle (pep talk by Booner) between the Wings two lines, seemed to break the back of the Kings and the Wings were on their way to a 7-3 victory. Pairs of goals by Bummer and Chester (yes Chester, the new Paul Coffey, sorry Marc) and singles by young Parker, Bernie and Booner did the damage. Again solid goaltending by goalie Jeff, except for the head high passes to his teammates which almost took their heads off. On to next week against the Cleland-led Bruins.

Flyers 3 Leafs 1

Flyers overwhelm the Leafs. Leafs rumored to be sellers at the trade deadline, looking to bring an entire new team up from Tuesday morning Huff and Puff.

Bruins 8 Whalers 3

1 goal by Adam assisted by Evan. 1 goal by Todd assisted by Evan. 2 goals by Sean Odwyer, 1 assisted by Evan, 1 awaited by Scott. I goal by Scott , assisted by Sean Odwyer. 3 goals by Evan, 2 assisted by Adam and 1 assisted by Ryan O’Donnell. Bruins win 8-3.

January 30 Game Reports

Leafs 6 Whalers 5

Whalers jump out to a 5-0 lead and the Leafs appeared defeated… until…. until…. until… a Leafs goal, then another… then another… then another, then another, then another… and then with the leafs up 6-5 and less then 1 min on the clock, Big Matt Snyder gets a chance to ice it in the empty net, but hits the post, Russel almost takes it back to tie it but BIG SAVE Leafs.

Some will say Snyder almost blew it. Some will say be panicked in the face of a sure goal. Some will say he ran out of energy due to years of poor diet choices. All of those people would be correct.

Leafs win!

Bruins 3 Flyers 1

Bruins get goals from Collin, Evan and Adam to capture the 2 points

Wings 7 Avalanche 2

After a devastating loss to the Whalers last week, the Wings came out flying for the first time this season (literally, no pun intended) to go to an early 5-0 lead. Things settled down and the score ended 7-2, only the Wings 3rd multi-goal win of the season (rest by one goal). Pairs of goals by Bummer, Booner and young Parker (sounds like a cool guys law firm) and a single by Marc (Paul Coffey) Rivard completed the scoring. Avs had their chances but goalie Jeff was solid as usual resulting in a lot of head shaking from the Avs. Solid defensive effort as well, total team win……………….finally!!!

Penguins 4 Kings 3

Pens capture a big win from Henrys boys. Tyler, Rich, Rosen and Curphey score for Henry but come up short.

January 23 Scores

Whalers 5 Wings 4

Wings fall behind early, down 3-0 but roar back to tie it before hte Fish score late to take the win. 2 goals from Andrew Parker and 2 from John Symons for the Wings. Whalers get 2 from Russel and goals from Mad Dog, Lierman and Lapointe.

Avalanche 3 Bruins 2

Bruins lose to the Avs. Cleland gets another goal but not enough for win.

Kings 6 Leafs 1

Kings dominate the Leafs in both ends to capture their 5th in a row. Leafs are decimated by injuries and vacations.

Kings get goals from the entire roster to take 2 from the Leafs.

Penguins 5 Flyers 3

Well now that the Vancouver Canucks have finally resolved their coaching issues the focus now turns to the MNHL Penguins. with zero wins to start the 2023 campaign the pressure was on to deliver a much needed win to keep the Lunar celebrations from turning ugly.

Backed by a solid performance in goal from Orr(who coincidentally returned from a back injury himself) provided the motivation the Pens needed to grab 2 points and move out of last place.

The Pens got to the Flyers early, unleashing at least 4 shots in the first 5 minutes of the contest.

Flyers spotted the Pens and early 2 goal lead before Flyers D man Gibson got them on the board. With the Blue birds protecting a slim 3-2 lead, an ill advised pinch at the offensive blue line allowed super Sub Cortese(have no idea what team he plays for) to deflect a pass to Flyers masked bandit who glided down the ice and knotted the game at 3’s.

With mounting pressure to save the Pens coaching staff the team  rallied with 2 late goalies(one empty netter thanks to Randy) to give the Penguins the win and hopefully satisfy the Penguins loyal fan base. oh right, the score…5-3 Penguins. You’ll find game highlights and corsie stats online at Betriver Casino 

January 16 Game Reports

Red Wings 4 Flyers 2

Whalers 5 Penguins 2

Kings 5 Leafs 2

Bruins 6 Avalanche 6

January 9 Game Reports

Bruins 8 Penguins 4

Goals from Wilcox, Cortese (2) and Cleland (4) were too much for the Pens.

Wings 2 Leafs 2

Wings tie yet again and may be the first team to tie their way to a Championship

Kings 8 Flyers 2

Henrys boys score 8, getting goals from Henry himself, Tyler, Steve Adams, Sharpie and Curphey

Whalers 9 Avalanche 3

Whalers were down 2-9 but storm back to win 9-3 Goals from Tyler smith (3) Mad Dog Murray (2) and Bratton.

Jan 2 Game Reports

Red Wings 5 Penguins 3

Down 1 defensemen, the Wings held on for a 5-3 win over the Pens. Bummer had 4 goals for the Wings and John Symons had his first MNHL goal.

Bruins 4 Leafs 3

Bruins tie it late then score with little time remaining in this controversial game to secure the win. The goal judge was active in Toronto with several goals disputed, but in the end the Bruins did enough to get the 2 points. Bruins goals from Scott, David, Adam and Sean were too much for the Leafs to over come.

Kings 6 Avalanche 3

Kings get goals from Wotton, Henry, Sharpie, Steve Adams and Tyler to start the new year off on the right foot.

Whalers 6 Flyers 2

Cortese and Hansen get goals for the Flyers who fall to the Green Fish 6-2.

Dec 19 Game Scores

Penguins 2 Leafs 1

Red Wings 3 Bruins 0

Kings 5 Whalers 1

Flyers 7 Avalanche 4

Apologies for the delay, I was on vacation.

December 12 Game Reports

Wings 2 Kings 2

Kings get goals from Curphey and Swartzeburg to tie the Wings once again, who were finally with a full squad of 10 skaters.

Wings goals from Booner and Rivard kept the game tight.


Upon video review, the official MNHL scorer credited the Kigns 2nd goal to Henry Verbakel!

Leafs 2 Flyers 2

Great goal tendin from both teams kept this back and forth game low scoring. Flyers were supplemented with many spares but the Leafs did enough in the back end to keep it tight.

Bruins 5 Whalers 1

4 goals from Adam Cleland and 1 from Sean O’Dwyer were too much for the Whalers.

The Whalers goalie had a miscommunication and the fish were forced to play the first 30 minutes with an empty net.

Penguins 5 Avalanche 4

Penguins finally had something to celebrate after 5-4 win over the Avalanche.

Instead of getting buried by the blizzard, the penguins enjoyed some fun in the snow, well ice.

Building a 4-2 heading into the late stages of the game. it took a slick deek by Pens forward LLyod to secure the eventual winner as Pens held off late flurry of pressure from the opposition. 

With the holidays quickly approaching the Pens were grateful for the gift and looking forward to the upcoming Holiday party.

December 5 Game Reports

Leafs 9 Whalers 2

Leafs score early and often on route to a 9-2 win over the Green Fish. Both teams appeared to have dipped into the spare pool.

Leafs goalie David Breau, fresh off his pre-game jam session in the dressing room was flashing the glove all over the ice.

Flyers 3 Bruins 1

Bruins fall 3-1 to the Orange boys. Cleland from Duncan was the only Bruins goal. Flyers get goals from Big Tim Gibson (2) and Terry.

Kings 4 Penguins 2

Penguins official roster was great for picture day but no match for king Henry and his band of black bandits.

Fresh off injury reserve pens goalie Dave “not Bobby” Orr was peppered early and often by the kings. Even after Henry volunteered to take the team pictures it was all business after that. 

A quick 2 goal start helped propel the kings past the penguins still looking for Polaroids to sign.  Dave “rusty” Barrett finally cleared waivers and played 1st game for the penguins but looks like another conditioning stint will be in his future 

As for  post game stats coach collett continues to stone wall the executive committee refusing to provide this valuable information.  Will this gamesmanship help or hinder the penguins? Only time will tell 

Wings 4 Avalanche 2

Another typical Wings game, a very slow start where their goalie held them in (sub Anthony) until they finally woke up and came “flying” (get it?) back in the final minutes to score 2 goals and an empty netter to win 4-2.

Two goals from Bummer, one from Bernie and last by young Parker, plus a helper (still not old Parker) sealed the deal The Wings looked like a MASH unit last night  (3 sick or recovering from sickness -11pm game flu?) with 4 subs supplementing the already fine collection of “gamers” on the Wings.

Maybe one game this year we will have their complete team.

November 28 Game Reports

Avalanche 2 Bruins 2

Avs get goals from Jack McKillop. Bruins get goals from Adam and Todd. The game ends in an uneventful tie.

Wings 3 Whalers 3

Another week, another tie. Normally the Wings storm back to tie it up in the final seconds but last night the Whalers turned the tables and knotted the game at 3-3.

Wings goals by Bummer, young Parker (again not old although the goalie gave Chuck an early Christmas present and he blew it) and Marc Rivard and helpers by Marc and the goalie Jeff Wiltsie did the trick for the Wings.

Wings are trying to set the MNHL record for ties (now at 5)

Whalers get goals from Andrew Bratton, Lierman and Russell.

Leafs 5 Kings 1

Leafs goals from Beckett (2) and Bill and 2 from spares were enough for the Leafs to dominate Henry’s boys.

Flyers 4 Penguins 2

Flyers get 2 goals from Hansen, 1 from Cortese and 1 from a spare.

A goalie injury with 15 minutes left forced the Pens to play the last half with an empty net.


Our very own Henry Verbakel, captain of the Kings, has offered a great deal for MNHL’ers who utilize his services or provide a Real Estate referral that closes.

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When buying or selling Real Estate its very comforting and assuring working with an experienced agent you can trust, and that has been referred to you by someone you know.

Of course there will be no obligation on behalf of any player to participate if they so choose.

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Henry Verbakel
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November 21 Game Reports

Bruins 5 Kings 2

Adam pops 2 goals and Swan O’Dwyer another to push the Bruins past Henrys boys 5-2.

Avs 6 Leafs 5

Avs score and Leafs fight back including a goal with 20 seconds left to make it 6-5 but the Avs were too much for the Leafs. Bill B for the Leafs with 4 points. Avs get goals from the entire bench on route to 2 points.

Whalers 5 Penguins 4

Whales beat the Pens 5-4. Whalers get goals from Tyler, Mad Dog and 2 from Lalonde. Pens shun reporting goals saying “it’s a team game” and by “team game” they mean the team was too lazy to write down goals and assists after the game.

Red Wings 6 Flyers 2

The Wings embarass the Flyers 6-2. despite still missing Booner. Solid goaltending got the Wings out of the tie column into the Winners circle.

November 14 Game Reports

Avalanche 9 Whalers 1

Avs smash and burry the Whalers. Lalonde from Lapointe for the Whalers.

Avs have too many to count.

Red Wings 4 Leafs 4

Heart breaker for the Leafs who allow the Wings to tie it with 8 seconds left.

Andrew with 1 and Bummer had 2 for the Wings. Joe had 1 for the Leafs. Spares accounted for all the other goals.

Chuckey Parker included a comment about Snyders frustration but the editor declined to include it in the write up, for personal reasons…

Flyers 3 Kings 3

Big tie for the Orange as Cortese Noble and Blais have goals over Henry’s squad.

Bruins 2 Penguins 2

O’Dwyer and a sPare have goals for the Bruins.

Nov 7 Game Reports

Wings 5 Penguins 4

Lots of spares for this game so the results may not be accurate but the Wings upend the Pens thanks to a few devensive gaffs by the Blue Birds.

2 goals from Bummer and 2 from Young Parker were the difference for the Wings.

Flyers 6 Whalers 4

Flyers goals from Hansen (3) Lester and Noble were enough for the Flyers.

Leafs 5 Bruins 5

Leafs claw back from 3-0 to take the lead 5-4 but the Bruins tie it late to kiss their sister.

Leafs goal from Aaron (2), Brujins and Skufca and WILLY!!!!!!

Bruins get goals from Evan (2) O’Dwyer and Adam (2).

Avs 5 Kings 3

Kings get goals from Swartzenburg, Wotton, Sharpe and Sharep again!

October 31 Game Reports

Penguins 4 Leafs 2

Like an new leaf blower the penguins blew away the debris left by the leafs on route to a convincing 4-2 win.  Seemingly unfazed by the Halloween like atmosphere the penguins were taking more than they were giving.

A frustrated Matt Snyder was seen leaving the bench to vet his frustrations off ice but returned with what appeared to be remnants of a devoured Reese’s peanut butter cup plastered to his hockey pants. Rumors are he dressed up like a young Peter Zezel Halloween.

Post game frustrations carried into the lobby as both  teams appeared to get locked out of their respective dressing rooms only to find out the keys had been switched.

Another ploy by the Leafs to exact revenge on the plump penguins?  Only time will tell.

Kings 6 Whalers 3

Kings were too much for the Green Fish on Halloween as Henry did his best impression of a zombie on route to a big win.

Goals for the Whalers from Russell, Mad Dog Murray and El Presidente.

Bruins 4 Wings 4

Bruins and Red Wings tie 4-4 as the Bears get a couple goals from Sean O’Dwyer and 2 from Adam.

Flyers 5 Avalanche 4

The Flyers melt the Avs 5-4. Goals from Hansen, Westlake, Big Tim and El Presidente and a sparing Chester were too much.

October 24 Game Reports

Whalers 2 Bruins 1

Russel and Mad Dog Murray each get a goal to send the Green Fish over the Bruins 2-1. Bruins get a goal from Sub Joe but can’t find the net after that.

Red Wings 5 Kings 2

Red Wings bring in a spare that *mayyyyyyy have been suspect and blow the Kings out of the water 5-2. Wotton and Swartzenburg with goals for the Kings.

Leafs 7 Flyers 2

The Leafs bounced back from 1-0 and 2-1 Flyers leads to capture 2 points. Goal details TBD

Penguins 5 Avalanche 4

Avalanche pounded the pens early going up 4-1 before the penguins traded in their tuxedos for overalls and got down to work.

Pens goalie withstood an avalanche of shots keeping the score respectable allowing the penguins to chip away narrowing the lead and eventually taking the lead.

Avalanche pressed late with goalie pulled for extra attacker but Orr stood tall and turned aside the remaining 50 shots he faced.


Bruins 3 Flyers 1

Flyers get a goal from Cortese but aren’t able to match the power of the Bruins. Adam Cleland with 2 goals and Evan popped an empty netter to seal the deal.

Pens 3 Kings 2

The Pens get a win with the help of 5 call ups. Henry was so disappointed he didn’t even send in the score.

Whalers 5 Leafs 2

With 5 spares, the half-Leafs couldn’t find much rhythm against the hungry green fish.

Watching from the sidelines, coach Talbot realized that he forgot to warn his new defensive crew about ‘find-him-at-the-redline-Tyler-Smith’ who had one of the Whalers’ four breakaways and scored a pair.

Whalers go up 5-0 early and then the Leafs started to apply some pressure. Mike Ready was amazing in net for the Green Fish.

Mad Dog Murray with a goal and Tyler with 2 for the Fish.

Avalanche 2 Red Wings 1

The “sister kisser” streak ended last night with the Wings falling to the Avs 2-1 in a hard fought goaltending battle.

“Booner” (Steve Boone), not “Boner”, got the Wings only goal.


Leafs 6 Kings 2

Leafs send shock waves thru the league with a decisive victory over the powerful Kings 6-2. 3 goals from Tim Beckett and some strong goaltending from Dave Breau sent Henry’s boys back to the supper table looking for thanksgiving leftovers, but Talbots boys had scraped the plates clean.

Bruins 4 Avalanche 1

Cleland Bros Inc score 4 goals for the Bruins who route the Avs 4-1.

Flyers 4 Penguins 1

Pens fall 4-1 to the Flyers and Captain Blair says the blue birds may be next year’s Thanksgiving dinner if they can’t find a way to capture a much-needed victory.

Red Wings 4 Whalers 4

Another sister kisser for the Wings as they tie it in the last minute to get another solo point.

The Mortgage Man, Bernie Klacier with 2 and Noble with 2 and a couple assists by Andrew Parker and Booner. Rob DeJong made his Wings debut.

October 3 Game Reports

Avs 2 Leafs 1

Avs score late and then pump another one in after the Leafs tie it. Short handed due to winger Snyder being late for the game, Talbot threatened to fine him and invest the fine into a rolling RRSP collecting 7% per quarter.

Snyder said he would prefer to stick the money into mutual funds which caused Talbot to lose his mind “Mutual Funds are the Matt Snyder of investments, slow and late to arrive” said Talbot.

Regier was solid for the Avs, fast and in shape. Probably the only guy in the league who actually lost weight this summer.

Kings 6 Penguins 3

Kings ready to retain cup after convincing win over penguins 

Kings got on the board early catching penguins flat footed. Make sense

Kings got offence from defence which surprised many in the crowd 

Goal scorers unconfirmed as google sheets were not updated due to technical issues and laziness of captain’s reporting in.

Whalers 3 Bruins 2

Whalers get 2 from Russell and 1 from super sub El Presidente Cortese.

Bruins get goals from Evan and Duncan but not enough.

Flyers 2 Red Wings 2

Flyers and Wings tie at 2’s. Chester and Rivard with goals from the Wings. No assists, nobody passes on the Wings I guess.


The 2022-2023 MNHL Waiver is online. Click the Waiver button at the top menu.

Please complete this waiver and bring it to game 1



Week 1 – October 3rd

9 Kings vs Pens

10 Leafs vs Avs

1030 Wings vs Flyers

11 Whalers vs Bruins

October 10th *Thanksgiving Monday

9 Flyers vs Pens

10 Wings vs Whalers

1030 Bruins vs Avs

11 Kings vs Leafs

October 17th

9 Wings vs Avs

10 Kings vs Pens

1030 Whalers vs Leafs

11 Bruins vs Flyers


The Official Post Game MNHL Hang Out

25 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1R2

  • Monday’s is wing night. $11.99 lb.
  • $5 off large pizzas for teams
  • Pitchers of Pilsner for $16.50
  • Lots of seatings for large groups
  • Closes at 2am


The only face offs will be at the game start, after a goal, and after penalties in the offensive zone. 

Penalties are 3 minutes by the main clock. 

For offsides the ref will blow the whistle and the attacking zone must clear the blue line, but can then attack again.

For icings the offending team must clear the centre ice line before attacking again. 

There are no whistles for icings during the last two minutes of the game.

Goalies freezing the puck result in the attacking team having to clear the blue line before attacking again. 

Goalies can only freeze the puck if in the play, otherwise goalies please try to play the puck.

Penalties called for normal offenses plus no slap shots (any shots with a windup above the knee). 

Any fighting or major offenses will result in immediate game ejection and then the offence will be reviewed by the MNHL Board which may result in permanent ejection from the league with no refund. 

A single punch thrown constitutes a major offence.  

Players with 3 minor penalties in a game will be ejected from the game.


The MNHL Draft is completed. With the 1st over all pick, The Kings took Henry Verbakel. When told that he was already a King, Captain Henry said “I’ll stand by my pick, my scouts say I’m due for a great year”

2nd overall was Andrew Parker to the Red Wings. Captain Chuck Parker (his father) said “this is all about convenience, Andrew is my ride home from Marinos”

When told Marinos was closed, Chuck attempted to immediately trade his son. Alas, no takers… Parkers remain together.

3rd overall went the Cleland Clan in a 2-for-1.

After 11 rounds, only 1 pick remained. Matt Snyder and and an empty spot. Leafs Captain Talbot attempted to claim rights to the empty spot but was unfortunately required to take Snyder “team speed just decreased by 27%” claimed Talbot after consulting his spread sheet of MNHL scouting combine results “but on the other hand, team weight just increased 28% so we came out 1% ahead”.

See the roster page for full draft results.

E-Transfer Info

You can e-transfer your league dues to our treasurer Kevin Noble at:

No Password is needed, we have auto deposit set up.

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August 23, 2022 Update

The schedule for the 2022-2023 season is up!

The draft will be held in early September

Registration is nearing a close, only a few spots remain.

$100 deposit due ASAP if you want in.

The season starts the 1st Monday in October

Can’t wait to see you on the ICE!!!


Registration for the 2022-2023 season is OPEN!

As of July 21: 7 Spots remain for skaters.

We are also accepting spare and wait list goalies.

Click here to register!


Thanks for a great season boys. Another year of hockey was played, despite a quick shut down in January.

Another great season of clean, incident free hockey speaks to what this league is about. Good clean hockey and good laughs. Getting out of the house for a few hours and being with the boys on the ice.

Register for next season now! $100 is due by April 1 at which time we will open it up to new players. Your balance is due in Sept.

The league will begin late Sept / early October with a similar set up of 8 teams of 10 skaters playing 1 hour ice time with limited faceoff rules, very much the same as this year.

Our draft will be in September so don’t wait. Who will take the 2023 Cup?

See everyone at the Curling year end party March 26. Any questions about this, email Scott.

Any suggestions for the league? Email us at


Kings 5 Bruins 2 in the MNHL Cup Finals

Kings come out firing and flying. After trading chances the Kings score first with a blind goal past Deaner which opened the flood gates.

Bruins legs didn’t have enough jump (or knees) to combat the determined Kings squad.

After getting a quick 3-0 lead, Bruins score but Kings score again.

Despite fighting back to 4-2, the Kings were able to squash the Bruins and win the MNHL Cup.

Congratulations on a tough well played game for the boys in black. King Henry now has his 2nd MNHL Cup.

MVP to Kings goalie Dave Breau.

Penguins 9 Red Wings 3 for 3rd Place

Battle for Bronze was anticlimactic as Penguins put a beat down on Chuckie’s Red wings.  with the recently crowned Kings looking on the Penguins unleashed their full arsenal on the Red wings  with 4 goal performance by Sherlock and a surprising hattie for D man Mike Jackson who claimed bragging rights over brother Dan who snuck one by Red wings goalie. 

Redwings tally  3 late in the game but could match 1st round playoff intensity they used to relegate the whalers to the toilet bowl. 

confusion on post game awards ceremony as Bruins opted for Alibi instead of Marinos.  might be cold shoulder stew on the menu next season.  

Avalanche 7 Whalers 3 in the Consolation Finals

Jeff Anderson was outstanding and the Avs win the consolation cup.

In his post game interview, Captain Vince says “take your consolation cup and shove it up your consolation a$$, we’re coming for you in 2022 Henry… I’ll win that MNHL Cup next year or see you in HELL”

Strong words from Vinny, but you gotta respect the determination.

Leafs 5 Flyers 1 in the Toilet Bowl for last place

Leafs win the toilet bowl game with the help of a few non Leafs

Talbot was off the ice by 11:30, and on the waiver wire by 11:45 already looking for the next great 34 year old with an August birthday, ready to sign him up for the 2022-2023 season.

Check out the new playoff photos in the Photos section!

March 21 Game Times


9:00 Bruins vs Kings – MNHL CUP

10:00 Red Wings vs Penguins – 3rd Place Game

10:30 Whalers vs Avalanche – Consolation Finals

11:00 Maple Leafs vs Flyers – “The Toilet Bowl”

March 14 Results


Bruins 5 Red Wings 2

The Cinderella run for the 8th seed Wings ended to a determined Bruins squad. The Yellow Fella’s make a trip to the Finals.

Kings 7 Penguins 4

Blairs year with the cup ends at the hands of King Henry. For the next 12 months, Blair will have to sleep with a bottle of scotch.

The MNHL Cup now undergoes extensive sanitizing.

Consolation Playoffs

Whalers 6 Leafs 2

Whalers earn a trip into the consolation finals thanks to 4 goals from Jeff Stokley. Leafs were without Talbot who was on the IR.

Avalanche 10 Flyers 5

Total Beat Down Saves the Avs from the 11pm start next week

Round 1 Results

#8 Red Wings 4 #1 Whalers 2

#2 Bruins 6 #7 Maple Leafs 3

#3 Kings 7 #6 Avalanche 4

#4 Penguins 5 #5 Flyers 1

Playoff Match Ups

March 7, 2022 – 1st Round

9:00 #1 Whalers vs #8 Red Wings

10:00 #2 Bruins vs #7 Maple Leafs

10:30 #3 Kings vs #6 Avalanche

11:00 #4 Penguins vs #5 Flyers

Playoff Rules

Teams can only use a spare player once per playoffs

All teams must strive to play with 10 skaters

In the event of a tied game, teams will play 5 minute 3 x 3 overtime and then move into a 3 player shoot out, followed by a sudden death shoot out.

No player may shoot twice before every player has shot once.


  • Playoffs reseed after each round, highest vs lowest.
  • Four 1st round losers move into consolation playoffs
  • Whalers win tie breaker over Bruins for 1st based on 2 head to head games
  • Kings win 3rd place tie breaker over Pens based on more wins
  • Avs win 6th place tie breaker over Leafs based on more wins

February 28 Game Reports

Penguins 3 Flyers 2

what was billed as a potential  first round playoff match up did not disappoint  the fan, yes DAve breau was seen scouting the game and wasn’t  disappointed as a bummerless Flyer team got on the board early with sub RR returned from another mandated covid 19 winter retreat supplying the offense with a goal and an assist. 

the Flyers looked to set the tone and bring the heat as pens were caught off guard. the mesmerizing play of D pairing Scott and Scott and also Scott frustrated the Pens offense. 

the D to D passing was impressive until they eventually had to pass up ice which usually  resulted in an icing or turn over at the blue line which frustrated the Flyer forwards. 

also on display was some great ice cleaning as the Commish prep’d for the upcoming curling event.

The Pens regrouped in the second half and responded with multiple scoring chances which were turned away by newly recruited and often double booked goaltender Dave. 

he flashed the glove, the blocker the pads the back the front, whatever it took, he was out to prove to the commish that he belonged in this league “Damn it”. 

the wave of attack was just too much as Pens forward and super pest,  Rob Dejong deposited a wrister past flyers tendy.  not to be out done, super glider Stan “hands” Norman, lulled the goalie to sleep and slipped a shot under the passed out goalie. the final marker was the winner as the Pens held off last minute barrage of five on five.

Flyers decision not to pull goalie in last minute led to some controversy but later was confirmed that he was the 6th best player on the ice so no need to replace with weaker talent. 

should be a fun rematch if the final standings allow it. We’ll see what Captain Collett and the Pens have in store 

Bruins 4 Avalanche 1

Bruins pour some hot water on the Avs and melt them away. Solid tending from Dean, except for one goal scored when he had his back to the game tending to the net, was all the Avs could shovel into the net.

Leafs 5 Kings 2

With solid goaltending on both sides, the Leafs we’re down 3-1 with less than 15 minutes to play. Super sniper spare Adam Cleland led the charge as the Leafs battled back for their first comeback win of the season. Their reward is playing the Cleland’s Bruins in the first round of the playoffs.

Whalers 6 Red Wings 3

Aided by a slow start from the Wings and 4+ goals from Curphy, the Wings fell behind 6-1 in the first 10 minutes but staged a limited late game comeback to make it 6-3.

On to the playoffs, O’Joy against the first place team, the Whalers again.

February 21 Game Reports

Leafs 8 Avalanche 3

Goals from Steve (2), Andrew (2) and Darin (2) pushed the Leafs over the Avs.

Leafs, short Talbot, found themselves with more pep in their step and some rumblings on if Talbot would clear waivers when he returned… could a trip to the Tuesday Morning Minor Hockey League be in Talbots future?

Avs Captain My Cousin Vinny said it could have been 25-3 Leafs if not for Avs Goalie Jeff Anderson.

Bruins 4 Kings 3

Bruins goals from Snyder, Cleland (2) and a 4th I don’t remember pushed the Bruins over the Kings in this spirited game with GREAT flow.

So great was the speed of this game and several Bruins players passed out in the dressing room.

Sil and Joe said “screw this” and booked a trip to Mexico before they got off the ice.

Cleland family celebrates Family Day in style with some nice tic-tac-toe passing as the boys and Pops Andy were playing chess against the Kings checkers.

Whalers 6 Penguins 2

Old Patty Rod controlled the net for the fish who ate the Pens 6-2.

Blair said the only solace was that he’d get some Wings at Marinos post game… only to learn Marino’s was closed due to Family Day.

Flyers 7 Red Wings 5

Red Wings jump out to a 3-0 lead – was this a dream?

But the nightmare continued as the Flyers battled back on the back of Chris “Bummer” Bumbacco who the Wings contained for 10 minutes before he said “family day my ass, lets score some goals” and pounded a bunch past the Wings.

February 14 Game Reports

Bruins 5 Penguins 3

Bruins get a couple early ones from the Cleland crew. Pens fight back when Dan Jackson shows up late after having an equipment issue.

Bruins D-man Dave McCaskill was strong in the back end for the bears and spare Talbot helped keep the Pens off the board.

Snyder ices it with an icing goal into an empty net. When asked about the goal after the game he commented that all the icing he had on his valentines day cupcakes made him comfortable with icing the puck.

Kings 5 Flyers 3

Henry keeps rolling with the boys in black. Flyers looking forward to the summer season.

Whalers 4 Avalanche 1

Whalers get goals from Frenchie, Bratton, DeJong and Collett as spares. Av’s get 1 from Todd Wilcox.

Captain Vince said his boys were feeling to lovey last night, after some pre game cuddles and thus didn’t have the pep they needed.

Maple Leafs 9 Red Wings 8 (or Leafs 8-7)

After trailing 6-1 after 10 minutes, the Wings fight back to make it 9-8 (a real goaltending battle) but a last minute penalty – and perhaps stalling tactics by the Leafs – killed the Wings flight.

February 7 Game Reports

Bruins 5 Leafs 4

The Leafs valiantly tried to topple the top ranked Bruins but came up short. Talbot was seen after the game talking to other GM’s on the phone, trying to make another trade as the playoff deadline approaches. Bruins goals from Middle Cleland, Young Cleland, Snyder and Konopka.

Avalanche 7 Kings 6

A real “Thrilla in Carling Arena”. Avs put up a quick 3-0 lead in what seemed like the first shift. Seriously. Kings patiently, methodically, determinedly, some may say robotically, carve their way into a 6-5 lead with 5 minutes left through the leadership of John Lierman, Canadian Sniper incarnate.

Showing not oft before seen Cahoonas (medical term = balls) Avalanche pocket 2 (winner by Tyler Smith) and then hang on for dear life as spare goalie Peckham makes what might be the save of the year with 1.6 seconds remaining.

Final score 7-6 Avalanche.

Red Wings 5 Penguins 5

Pens up 4-1 late but Wings fly back to tie it at 5 and both teams agree to call it a draw. Kev THE REV Noble with 2 and Henry IRON MAN Verbakel with 2.

Whalers 5 Flyers 2

Flyers go up 1-0 but Whalers come back and never give up their lead. Beauty goals by Don Blais and Geoff Curphey and solid tending from Patty Rod seal the win for the fish.

January 31 Game Reports

The boys were back on the ice last night, some slower, some fatter, some lazier.

One issue discovered around the league was that a lot of the players hockey pants had shrunk over the break… something in the water maybe?

But it felt good to be back… until puck drop anyways

Whalers 3 Kings 1

Kings carry the play for most of the match, but Patrick Rodriguez must have been dry land training during the lock down as he puts up a wall to help the Whalers defeat the Kings 3 – 1. 

Whalers goals 2 by Marc Frenchie Lapointe and 1 by Jeff Curphie

*Correction: Wrong score was entered but corrected. I read Henry’s early morning text as 3-1 Kings when it was actually 3-1 Whalers – MS

Leafs 5 Penguins 1

The blue birds couldn’t get off the ground as they fell to the Leafs 5-1. Leafs goalie Mike Ready almost earned a shut out.

Pens Captain Blair had a disputed goal overturned by video replay. The Leafs offense was lead by Jamie Speers and Darin Crockford.

Red Wings 7 Bruins 5

Red Wings jumped out to an early lead and kept pouring it on, even when the Bruins attempted to come back.

A malfunctioning whistle turned the game into a back and forth fest but the Red Wings found the back of the net early and often to capture the win.

Flyers 7 Avalanche 4

Their forwards were slicing and dicing through the neutral zone.

They clearly had been working on their offensive strategy of creating breakaways.

Jeff Andersen still made a plethora of highlight reel stops.

Dave Orr did play solid in net for the Flyers denying the Avs many top notch opportunities.


Hockey returns Monday January 31, 2022! The schedule will carry on with any games lost due to the covid shut down being skipped over.

Monday January 31 games as follows:

9:00 Flyers vs Avalanche

10:00 Kings vs Whalers

10:30 Bruins vs Red Wings

11:00 Penguins vs Maple Leafs

Flyers 7 Red Wings 4

Heck of a night for the line of Mad Dag Murray, Bummer and Marcus. Mad Dog Murray had 4 goals, Bummer with 2 more. Big Tim Beckett had another for the Flyers.

Party Marty had 3 for the Wings who fell going into the break.

Kings 7 Maple Leafs 4

Kings capture a high scoring win heading into the Covid Break.

Penguins 5 Whalers 4

The Whalers were unable to rebound after the Pens take a 3-0 lead.

Bruins 7 Avalanche 3

Evan Cleland keeps scoring for the yellow bears.

December 27th Game Results

Due to an extremely high number of spares being used and – in 1 game – no goalie being available – it was deciced that all December 27th game results would not count in the standings.

A Christmas Message from Santa Blair

Penguins finished on a high note Monday winning what might be the last game of the 2021 season. 

with Covid cases exploding like a blatter from 2am Marino’s outing it looks like the MNHL might be put on pause. 

Consultation with the league Commish  and Redwings City council liaison Chuckie ” Cheese”  Parker we hope that news will be positive but not in the Covid sense.

anyway back to game highlights.

Even with the ageless wonder  RR celebrating a milestone B-Day he couldn’t single handedly defeat a Penguins lineup that had super sub Dave Breau minding the fort. 

after passing waivers Dave joined the pens to help secure a much needed win to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

Versatility was the name of the game as Captain Collet was promoted to forward and logged some important minutes on forward, where he usually is found most games

Penguins led early and did not look back or back check as they filled the oppositions net with 7 goals. the same tally as last weeks win over the Leafs.  Reliable performance again from  Mike “I say Holmes” 

Sherlock provided more offense than needed as Penguins cruised past the Redwings and  kept pace with the leaders in MNHL

with Christmas holiday shut down it will interesting too see which team puts on the most weigh as we anticipate the home stretch of 2022

From all the Penguins, have yourself a merry Christmas and happy new year

December 20th Game Reports

Flyers 5 Whalers 4

Flyers upset the 1st place Whalers on a game where the lead changed several times. A late Flyers break away goal from Diamond Dave Bancroft puts them ahead for good.

Kings 4 Avalanche 2

Avs Goalie Jeff Anderson gave it his all but the Kings were too strong for the Purple People Eaters.

Penguins 7 Red Wings 2

Pens dominate the Wings. No details were provided yet.

Bruins 6 Leafs 4 (or Bruins 7 Leafs 5)

Bruins get 3 from Evan All Mighty Cleland.

You’ve heard of a Gordie Howe Hat trick? Evan had a Dino Cicarelli Hat Trick, bounced one off a D-mans skate, poked a loose puck past an unsuspecting goalie and threw one half way down the ice into an empty net.

December 13th Game Reports

Penguins 7 Leafs 4

An upgraded Pens team easily downed the Leafs, after going up 4-0. While the Pens played well, the Leafs didn’t help their own cause by repeatedly struggling to clear the zone.

So many of the Leafs players coughed up the puck in their own end that the league required the entire team get special Covid testing. It is doubtful that any vaccine will solve the problem.

Once again, Darin “Sniper” Crockford provided all of the Leafs’ goals by scoring a hat trick and bouncing another off of Tim Gibson’s ass.

Bruins 7 Red Wings 3

Bruins dominate the score sheet on the back of 3 goals from Evan “All Mighty” Cleland. The Law Firm of Snyder, Stenning and Skufca each added a goal.

Snyders goal – a late game break away – drew rave reviews from the crowd… “I didn’t know anyone could skate so slow” said one unidentified player. “It looked like a cow trying to hump a door knob” said another. “I actually felt sorry for myself after watching someone skate that slowly” said a third. “It felt like it took 4 minutes from him to get past the blue line” said a forth.

After the game, Snyder was asked to comment on the lack of speed on the break away leading to the goal: “It was like there was a piano on my back and then another smaller piano on top of that piano”…. well, the smaller piano was Red Wings spare Blair Collett, while the larger piano on Snyders back was 39 years of poor decision making in regards to fast food in take.

Whalers 5 Kings 1

A close game on the ice, but not on the score board. Whalers go up 2 early but the Kings come back to make it 2-1.

A great glove save by Patty Rod sends the Whalers on teh offensive from that point on.

3 goals from Curphey, 1 from Bernie and 1 from Marc Lapointe were enough for the Green Fish.

Avalanche 2 Flyers 0

Faced with a short bench (again), Captain Curcio drew from his lineage and compelled the Avalanche to embrace the Azzurri “Fratelli D’Italia” defense and it resulted in a 2-0 victory over the Flyers.

Gary Marks with a seeing eye goal from the blueline was barely enough to stave off the determined and relentless Flyers.

Kevin Rupple got the empty netter to seal the deal for the Avalanche.

Numerous chances by the Flyers were stymied by the solid goaltending of Jeff Anderson. Dave Orr was just as solid in the Flyer net.

December 6th Game Reports

Kings 10 Red Wings 3

Steve Adams with 4 goals for the Kings who jump out early and slaughter the Wings.

Flyers 7 Maple Leafs 6

An old fashioned wild west shoot out between the Orange Crushers and the Leafs last night.

Flyers were flying everywhere and swarmed the Leafs defense, jumping to an early lead that they never gave up.

Andy Leung lead the flyers attack with a HATTY!!!

The real star of the show was Darin Crockford who put on a scoring clinic, netting all 6 of the Leafs goals, including a backhand, tip in, deke, one timer and even putting one in with his mind, earning 1st star of the game in a losing effort.

Darin was unavailable for comment after the game as he was swarmed by Toronto Media and agents looking to bring him to the NHL to play for the real Leafs.

Whalers 6 Bruins 3

Whalers topple the Bruins 6-3 in a game that went back and forth. Everything the Bruins threw at ol’ Patty, Patty stopped. Dean rebounded with a strong game after a shaky first shot – we’ll blame that on a glove malfunction.

Whalers goals from Don Blais (2), Tim Beckett (2), Bernie (slap shot??) and an empty netter from Marc Lapointe to seal the deal.

Bruins get goals from the Cleland line.

Hopefully Sil was enjoying his warm vacation, because he sure left his teammates cold and alone last night.

Avalanche 4 Penguins 2

Game summary-brought to you by Netjets-Fly direct to Albany for $25,000… Tell them Sil sent you

With Avalanche team captain still traveling from recent scouting expedition in Albany the team was bolstered by Leaf calls ups for this all important match. always available Colonel Talbot was summons to replace Vince as leader, mentor and strategist to guide the Magenta mauradeers.   

Rupple lead off the scoring with some nifty end to end dashes and deked past the Pens D to open the scoring. the Pens responded with numerous scoring chances but  were turned aside by Av’s netminder.  with a laser shot from marksman Gary  Av’s extended their lead to 2-0. Pens continued to press but Av’s seemed to have the answer to relieve pressure by icing the puck on every occasion.

Penguins posse closed the gap when recent call up and still not vetted player  ranking  Josh, went top shelf to break the ice for the powder blue.  But the Av’s answered back and extended their lead  when Tyler went coast to coast to coast disobeying the messaging from the bench to ice the puck which lead to another avs goal

with  time winding down and Pens exhausted from retrieving iced pucks they valiantly battled back but could not break the last line of defense.  Penguins came out on the short end again. 

 to add insult to injury the MLB lock out also affected the Penguins as they were also  locked out…of their dressing room after the game. looks like salary arbitration and money to pay for broken lock will be topic of discussion

November 29 Game Reports

Leafs 4 Whalers 4

Great game Whalers go up 3 -1 and Leafs come back to make it 4-3 but Whalers manage to come back and make it 4 -4 final score.

Some called off goals on both teams which could have made the game go either way.

Whalers goals 2 by Bernie, 1 by Geoff Curphey and 1 by call up Blair Colett who was a call up due to COVID precautions.

A big thumbs up to the guys that decided to be safe and stay home, much appreciated by your fellow team and league mates.

Bruins 2 Flyers 1

By Field Reporter Scott Tooke

The Flyers had to call up three skaters with Marcus the “Mindreader” and “ Tight pants”  O’Connell at a Psylocibin convention in Vegas.

Dr McKillop had a last minute appointment. Mad Dog Murray was back after spending 45 minutes pregame,  getting his knee taped by the Flyers athletic therapist.

 The Flyers started the scoring with a beauty passing play between Avalanche forwards  Tyler and Vince “Gotti” Curcio banging home a beauty. Dave the Seagull Orr showed up with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair and an injection of a fresh hair colour of Clairol 36 dark brown. He looked 10 years younger and he played like 10 years younger holding the Flyers in for most of the game again, stopping 32/34 shots. 

The Cleland Line were  swarming like killer bees all night. Cleland Sr didn’t miss a beat after recently returning from an 82 hour drive to Yellowknife.

The Bruins ruined the night for the Flyers with only 10 secs left in the game, with O’Dwyer nailing it home The Flyers had many chances but couldn’t get pucks through.Blair Altons howitzers from the point hit captain Tooke in the arm and than in the 3rd he let another rip hitting his own player firmly planted in front of the net, taking out Big Matt right in the scapula. Snyder screamed in pain.

At the end of the game Dr Andy was intently on the Blower ordering an X-ray Requisition on the Radius and Ulna for Tooke and the Scapula for Matt. 

The Flyers are going to have a hard time moving up the standings after dropping 2 straight and injuries hurting the team.  Christmas break couldn’t come soon enough! 

Avalanche 5 Red Wings 4

Avalanche snap their 4 game losing streak and avoid having their name changed to Mudslide with a 5-4 classic end to end barn burner.

Lots of call ups on both teams. Both goalies were stellar.

Joe Regnier got the hattie for the Avalanche that resulted in a 4-1 lead. But the Red Wings have Marty and Russ and Kevin and Chester, and so no lead is safe.

Red Wings pull the goalie with over 3 minutes left, but couldn’t get the equalizer.

Just in time for the holiday season, the ghost of Talbot (past, present, and future) was on display on Pad A last night, as sightings of him were noted in all 3 game slots.

Kings 5 Penguins 2

Another good night to be a Knight as Henry’s black brigade rolled over Penguins.

Fake news distributed by Leafs manager(and converted Trump supported) regarding Penguins roster moves motivated the kings resulting in another win over the penguins.

Kings applied constant pressure early and were rewarded as Henry slipped pass through blue ice and into the back of the net leaving  pens goalie looking skyward in disgust

end to end action resulting in another Kings opportunity as high flying wooton rang puck off goal post and body off end boards. no injuries to report following the incident

more fast paced hockey, according to grizzled vet Norman, resulted in exchange of goals but  lack of depth on right side left Pens vulnerable to kings attack.  both teams  exchanged goals but Penguins could not overcome the black attack with kings adding to an insurmountable lead. Looks like Kings have solid d core and steady goalie with Breau posted GAA 2.95 and SV% 0,925.  no reason to point fingers with those numbers

 Bet99 has betting odds +1500 for kings to win MNHL cup. Henry was seen passing out wooden shoe collecting change from players to place bet on his mighty kings.  

November 22 Game Reports

Bruins 8 Avalanche 3

Bruins jump out to an early lead and never let go. Early goals from Stenning, Skufca and Cleland give them a nice cushion. Evan Cleland had 3 but according to brother Adam should have had 5. Adam with 2, Joe with 2 and Stenning with the 8th.

Old Deaner played great in net. Av’s replacement goalie Dave played great in net making a ton of hard saves even with the score what it was.

Avs never quit, pushing the pace all game and getting 1 back late.

Defensively, Sil Pepe, coming off his game of the year last week, was just “OK”, probably looking forward to his vacation which starts this week.

Red Wings 6 Whalers 5

A great game with no penalties and a few lead changes, saw the Wings win their 2nd in a row vs the Whalers.

A beauty goal by Whalers Jeff Clifford.

A late outstanding glove save by the Wings goalie kept them in the lead and they walked out with the valuable 2 points.

Leafs 5 Kings 3

Talbots trades are paying off for the buds as they win their 2nd in a row. Henry looks to rebound next week coming off a 2 game losing streak.

The Kings had an early lead before big Tim showed signs of former glory with a confident Bobby Orr style rush to put the Leafs ahead.

Shut down Defense and an insurance goal by newly acquired Sean O’Dwyer sealed the win for the Leafs

Penguins 5 Flyers 2

With new Covid restrictions in place it looked like some of the Flyers were struggling to enter Carling Arena with late arrivals fumbling with apps and id’s to get past security.  This confusion seemed to carry on to the ice as Penguins were able to capitalize early.  Some slick passing from Pens created some open ice for Captain Collett who started the scoring for the Pens

Both sides filled a depleted roster with call ups from the Leafs as Pens reunited with traded forward O’dwyer who outdueled O’Donnell for best Irishman of the night

The Flyers D seemed like they were battling the flu as Pens took advantage of multiple cough ups in the flyers zone.  didn’t seem to bother Stockholm Sherlock who’s regiment of Ricola cough drops and red bull seemed to repel any Flyer virus.  

newcomer on Pens blue line for recently departed Chad was an adequate fill in contributing  2 markers(one empty net) to seal the deal for power blue.

Bummer was again the scoring force for Flyers who pulled goalie late in the game. surprise move to see D Kim tapped to provide the offense with net empty.  post game video showed tooker debating with call up Talbot on who to send out.  looks like another long video session in store for the Flyers looking to find offensive spark. we’ll have to wait and see what new line combos are in store for the Broadway bulldogs

November 15th Game Reports

Flyers 4 Red Wings 1

In typical Flyer fashion Dave the “ seagull Orr” withstood an early onslaught of Red Wings shots to keep the game scoreless early on.

Dr Andy’s suggestion of new line combos paid off big with instant chemistry and scoring more evenly distributed throughout the lineup.

Marcus the “Mind reader” Juidus scored his first career goal and 2A on the evening. Mad Dog Murray didn’t look impressed In the dressing room pregame, when Davey Bancroft threw a wrench into Andy’s plan of line suggestions, but he embraced the decision with a positive attitude and got a Goal and added an Assist.

The D pairing of Scott the “ Killer McKillop” and David Kim had a remarkable night with the highest Corsi rating of 49 and 46 respectively. Both ended up with 2 Apples and Plus 3 on the night, easily Killers most solid game of the season, thus far. 

Tempers flared when Seagull got jabbed by a Wing forward as the puck trickled in. A suggestion was made to the “little fellar” Ref that the goal should have been waved off? The little fellar had a meltdown and yelled back “talk to your D and tell them to stop back king in on you”! Seagull shook his head in displeasure and skated back to his crease. As always a  special thanks to Bummer and Andy for consistently contributing and with each netting one in tonight’s result. 

The Flyers could be a team that gets more and more difficult to play against with a solid mix of grit, determination and skill, backed up by solid goaltending. Next test will be the tough to play against Penguins. 

Whalers 3 Penguins 2

A great game with solid goaltending, as both teams has their new additions on display.

The Penguinshad Breakway to tie the game but was denied!!!

A strong defensive play with less than a minute remaining, on a 3 on 1 Jeff Stokley blocks the pass not just once but twice on the same play to deny any attempts to tie the game.

The Whalers get the game winner was a SLOW trickle over the goal line by the Whalers.

The score was 2-2 late in the game with 2minutes remaining in the game when DRAMA ensued.

Maple Leafs 9 Avalanche 3

With the stress of the trade deadline past them, and Talbot no longer playing opossom, the Leafs dominated from the first whistle to the buzzer winning 9-3. Solid defense, skilled forwards… the MNHL has been put on notice.

Bruins 3 Kings 1

Great game with speed and pace, the Kings were up and down the ice but unable to solve the rubix cube that is Dean Shill. Bruins jump out early on an Adam Cleland goal before the Kings tied it.

Mike Stenning snipes the game winner from well outside the dots and Adam punched an empty netter in to seal the deal.

TSN Turning Point came late in the game, on a 2 on 1, Kings look to tie on a cross ice pass but SIL PEPE with the STICK OF GOD says “NOT ON MY WATCH, YOU SONS OF BITCHES” and violently deflects the puck out of harms way in what can only be described as the play of the year. Grown men wept at the selflessness of this play.

After the game, when asked about the play, Captain Adam Cleland could only muster up the words “that’s my Defenseman” with a cracked voice, still so emotional from witnessing such a great play.

Sil “Get that Weak Ass Shit out of my Mother Fucking Zone” Pepe, ladies and gentlemen!

Henry with some equipment trouble spent most of the game on the ice, likely getting ready for winter.

MNHL Player called up to the SHOW!

MNHL’er Chad Reinders has been called up to the big time! Tonight will be his last MNHL game as Chad cleared waivers and will join the big farm team on the East Coast soon!

Thanks for your years of service Chad! We’ll keep you on the spare list in case you are ever back in town or want to make the 25 hour drive to play on Monday night!

Good Luck Chad!


Huge Suspension news out of the MNHL Head Office.

League President has suspended immediately… going home without showers!!!

Dressing room showers are now back! Enjoy the hot water while it lasts.

In other news, Shower Luffas are on sale at Home Sense, 3 for $9.99

Let’s try and stay calm out there boys. Plenty of Wings for everyone at Marinos, win or lose.

November 8th Game Reports

Whalers 3 Avalanche 2

A wildly entertaining game. If you’re a fan of classic movies, The Bells of St. Marys were heard with all of the posts that were hit. Goalies were heard asking for “Sanctuary, Sanctuary”.

In what was a decidedly chippy affair, Whalers won 3-2.

Avalanche came back from a 2-0 deficit to tie the game.

Whalers goals from Curphey and Bernie scored on a breakaway in the dying minutes for the win.

Kings 3 Flyers 0

The Flyers came out on this Monday Evening playing as if they just indulged in a second thanksgiving turkey dinner. The Flyers welcomed back Dave the Seagull Orr from injured reserve after suffering a backyard injury, and he didn’t disappoint this night stopping 33 of 36 shots. Early in the game, Seagull made a glove save off John blue eyes Sinatra Liermen from only 5 feet out to keep the game scoreless.

With trade talks abundant, and the Flyers having plenty of cap space, Flyer fans could smell a blockbuster deal and rebuild for the Flyers on the horizon.

At the end of the game the media were swarming the Flyers dressing room to speak with Seagull. He was seen exiting out of the Zamboni entrance on the Southside of Carling with a Goalie stick and a Tru Temper Rake. When asked what the Rake was for, Seagull was quoted  saying ” no comment “.

The media moved over to the local watering hole Marinos, to gather more facts, and an anonymous player came forward and said he had heard that Seagull has an endorsement deal in the works with Fiskers and Tru Temper, being the front runners.

The Flyers lack of depth and scoring will make it a difficult feat to make the playoffs, but the next couple of weeks will tell the tale.

Bruins 4 3 Penguins 1

Bruins jump out to an early lead on a close blue line play. After going to video review in New York, the league reports that there was inconclusive video evidence to overturn the goal. “We got a good goal!” the referee announced to the capacity crowd of zero.

Bruins and Pens trade chances but Dean was the star of the night, pushing the Bruins one step closer to the cup, while playing the game without a cup. No wonder he was in the butterfly all night.

Nothing else of substance happened in the game at all, a completely normal finish.

Highlights of the Bruins win over the Penguins last night

Game Note: Real nice of Pens Captain Blair to came into the Bruins room after the game to wish the Bruins team an early happy holidays. What a great gesture of sportsmanship. Truly what the MNHL is built on.

Red Wings 3 Maple Leafs 2

Score TBD

November 1st Game Reports

Bruins 4 Leafs 4

Talbot’s boys got their 2nd point of the year thanks to some fine play from tender Mike “Hot and” Ready and 2 goals from super spare Jamie.

Bruins were flustered early when Even Cleland was late arriving, possibly throwing Captain Adam off his game for the first few shifts, but once Even arrived, Adam arrived and popped some much needed Bruins goals.

An early goal past Deano “Bravo” Shill spelled trouble for the Bruins but Deano flashed some leather late making it a game.

On one rush, large D-man Sil Pepe found larger forward Matt Snyder on a beautiful give and go but it was mostly give and little go as Snyder missed the net by 6 feet. The only reason we are even relaying this story is because it was the first time those 2 players had hooked up for a pass all year, mostly due to Snyders lack of back checking and Pepe’s lack of offensive “jump up”.

One thing that they didn’t have trouble hooking up with was some chicken wings at Marino’s after the game. Snyder sure back checked his way into a big plate of those.

Whalers 6 Flyers 4 

The Broad street Bullies started the night strong with the newly formed Line of Marcus the “ mind reader Judis” , Mad Dog Murray and Dave Bancroft started off the scoring with back to back goals, 2 A for Marcus, and 2 goals on the night for Bob Mad Dog Murray.

Bummer and Dr Andy pitched in with the other 2, but the flyers Couldn’t hold the whalers at bay. 

The old Spectrum was filled to the brim and left disappointed this evening. You should have known it was going to be a long night when Kate Smith was singing God Bless the Flyers before puck drop, instead of God Bless America.

Freddy Shero wasn’t available to the media after the game , and was seen leaving abruptly  through the back door.

Hardest worker of the night goes to David Kim, who sacrificed his body with 3 blocked shots on the night.

John Wayne Gacey Cortese asked Kimmer after the game if those were puck marks all over his torso and Kimmer said he just finished a cupping session.

Paul Holmgren was seen in deep discussion with Whalers GM Marc Lalonde and with the trade deadline coming near it’s obvious the Flyers need some help. 

Kings 6 Avalanche 1

Have you ever been to the Western Fair? Have you ever ridden the Spinning Teacups? For an hour? Or have you ever been in the House of Mirrors?

Everywhere you look, you see someone. That’s what it felt like if you were the Avalanche last night.

The Kings showed their lineage in what can only humbly be referred to as a beatdown.

I think everyone on the Kings scored at least once.

One thing is for sure, Henry sure was coy after the game at Marino’s. Kings limit the Avs offensive chances and Henrys boys continue to pull the biggest sand bag job of the season with another victory!

Penguins 7 Red Wings 2

The Pens dominate the Wings 7-2. Blair was so excited about the victory he decided to play a 2nd game.


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When buying or selling Real Estate its very comforting and assuring working with an experienced agent you can trust, and that has been referred to you by someone you know.

Of course there will be no obligation on behalf of any player to participate if they so choose.

Contact Henry anytime:

Henry Verbakel
Broker, Market Value Appraiser, Relocation Specialist
Sutton Group Select Realty Inc. Brokerage
250 Wharncliffe Rd N.
London, ON N6H 2B8
519-495-4205 cell

Coaches Corner with Chuck Cherry

Aided by 3 replacement players from the Flyers the Red Wings/Flyers combo team fought back again for another tie (5-5), this time with the Bruins. At this rate we will set the record for “sister-kissers” easily.

Now, if you wanna be a real man you gotta block shots! Ask Matt Snyder how his leg is? That is what happens when you stand in front of Chuck Parkers point shot. Last he heard, Snyder was swearing all the way down the ice after taking one in the calf. That’s real Canadian hockey, boys!

— Chuck Cherry

October 25 Game Reports

Whalers 6 Kings 5

The Whalers, with only 8 skaters, go up 3-0 but Henrys boys battle back to take a 4-3 lead. The Green Fish then score 3 more to go up 6-4.

The Kings score a late one but it’s not enough, as Patrick Rodriguez made a huge save at the end of the game to keep the Whalers up and victorious.

Whalers scorers include Husser (2), Stokley (2) , Bratton and Ol’ Bernie K with a single.

Red Wings 5 Bruins 5

A battle of dualing goaltenders.

Bruins and Wings trade goals back and forth. Bruins go up 5-3 late but the Wings battle back to tie it. Wings spares Bummer and El’ Presidente with multiple chances.

Bruins law firm of Cleland, Cleland and McCaskill with many chances but ultimately the glove of Wings tender Andrew P. was too much.

Deano Bravo was excellent in net for the Bruins as well.

Maple Leafs 4 Penguins 4

With a lot riding on the game to determine the leafs fate they came out with a spirited performance and took the game to the Pens.  Leafs earned their 1st point of the season.

With trade rumors circulating it was the Leafs that were doing the talking with a game plan that bewildered the Pens.  Steady D man Talbot was slotted on forward after years patrolling the Buds D.  considering the need to shore up the defence is was a bold move and Tenured Talbot provided more than financial coaching on this night. he lead the team in offense with one goal and numerous chances to put the first  W on the board for the leafs.  

Penguins found their offence from Stan “Hands” Norman who lit the lamp to help secure a single point for the baby blues on a real “zinger” which found it’s way home.

Tiny Tim Gibson looks like he’s found his game with thundering rushes that intimidated the pens D as his howitzers from the point tested Pens goalie all night long.

over heard at post game conference leafs coach/capt/manager/financial mentor-Talbon Keefe:

“Boys, it’s simple… you INVEST in scoring chances and you get some INTEREST in back checking in order for us to create SAVINGS on the score board or we’re going to go BANKRUPT this season…” and other financial lingo type comments.

Blair, upset over giving up a point to the Leafs, or possibly just tired, was not seen at the post game press conference at Marinos.

Avalanche 6 Flyers 1

Battle of the expansion teams. Flyers spare goalie was like a swiss guard protecting the vatican for the first 20 minutes. Unfortunately it turned to swiss cheest for the last 20. (Vince wrote this).

Regnier with 2, Tyler and Cortese 1 each for the Flyers.


“The Wings are at it again! After falling behind early 6-2 the Wings rallied to tie the game 6-6, their second consecutive “sister kisser” after starting the game with 8 players. Russell came to rescue late again but this time he couldn’t get in the arena. Hat trick by Andrew, two goals by Nate-“Franzen” Stewart and the last by the financial brains of the league, Kevin. My coaching challenge ( besides skating backwards faster) is to get the guys pumped up faster. Maybe I will use some of Jimmie’s (RIP) personal verbal assault motivational techniques.”


A debate over the Kings / Wings score lead to an MNHL hearing at the head office in New York. After various withesses were interviewed, it was determined that the final was 6-6.

Henry was unavailable for comment, but then later he also was available for comment, but did not comment….. so basically Henry has no comment.

October 18 Game Reports

Flyers 6 Leafs 2

Flyers were worried with Dave “The Seagull” Orr showed up at 8:51 for the 9:00 puck drop. Well, Davey came out to play keeping the Flyers in the game with some huge early saves and stopped 34 shots in the 6-2 win.

Ryan Sleemans O’Donnell had a beauty to start the scoring for the Flyers. John Wayne Gacey Cortese made his debut on D and did a nice job chipping pucks out picking up 2 Apples on the night, his style of play resembled Ian Turnbull from late 70s leafs minus the Lang skates The newly formed line of Andy Leung, Bummer and Dave Chappelle Bancroft created instant Chemistry with Andy netting 2, Bummer 1 G and Davey Chappelle Bancroft sniping a beauty from the hash marks, his first of the season.The line of Mad Dog Murray, Marcus and O’Donnell had a great night with Murray netting his third of the season and Marcus getting 2 nice Apples on the night.

After losing their 4th in a row the dejected Leafs quickly retreated to the dressing rooms, not giving any media access.

Whalers 3 Bruins 1

Whalers game plan to try and contain Adam Cleland – and not focus on stopping Matt Snyder – was effective seeing as one fo them is a high speed scoring machine and the other is Matt Snyder.

Curphey with 2 goals and a plethora of high energy rushes wore down the Bruins who were basically too fat and slow to keep up.

Deaner held the Bruins close, Bruins forwards didn’t do their part.

Kings 7 Red Wings 6

At 7:01am Henry texted me 1 word: “Barnburner” so I think we can all draw from that, that words can’t begin to detail how exciting this game was for both teams.

Penguins 4 Avalanche 2

Penguins marched into Carling looking to avenge last weeks loss. The Av’s were riding hot goalie Anderson but came under fire early as Anderson held the fort while the rest of the Avs woke up for the 11pm game.

Pens got on the board early with a goal from O’ Dear O’Dwyer which provided an early spark for the team.

My Cousin Vinny Curcio reipled for team Purple but a couple bounces got the Pens ahead for good.

Good news: Mario’s lights stayed on past midnight so Captain Collett and the boys stopped to share some highlights with the locals, which delayed the reporting of the score.

October 11th Game Reports

Bruins 3 Flyers 0

Ol’ Deaner game ready to play on this Thanksgiving Day, and the Bruins were very thankful for Dean because most of them were too lazy to back check.

Bruins jump out early on a Blair Alton bouncer and then a Snyder wiff found the net as well giving the Bruins a 2-0 jump start.

Adam Cleland had a beauty for the Bruins to seal the deal. There might have been 1 more but I was trying too hard to not puke to rememner.

Flyers forecheck was relentless, Bummer and Andy Leung hooking up on long break outs and Rob Murray pounding the net, but ultimately, Deaner was too strong.

Whalers 4 Leafs 3

Great battle between the Leafs and Whalers. A nice breakaway goal by Marc “The Flying Frenchman” Lapointe opened the scoring. Tim Gibson had a nice snipe for the Leafs to respond but Patty Rodriguez wsa too strong for the Whalers and shut the door on the leafs.

The Leafs finally enjoyed their first lead of the season – for a few minutes.

Kings Beat Penguins

King Henry was not satisfied with 5 course turkey dinner Monday night. 

His 6th course was dining on Penguin carcass with his team steam rolling over the flighless birds Monday night Fresh off back stopping the Red Wings to a 3-3 tie against Avalanche 

Goalie Breau went undefeated on the night as he helped take down the powder blues.  On the flip side Penguins goalie Anthony was fed a second helping of rubber which didnt include gravy. poor defensive play led to multiple turnovers(not the apple kind) keeping the penguins penned in their own end for much of the game.

Kings were led by steady play of Rich “not from wuhan”  wooton. his 1st goal started the onslaught as the Kings pressed all night.  

Best line of the night was overheard on Penguins bench as Stan “hands” Norman commented his legs felt heavy, i guess Stan does have a second gear?  we’ll wait to see what next Monday has in store

too many goals to keep track but i think  Tim “buckets” Beckett bent the twine

Penguins look to rebound next week. 

Avalanche 3 Red Wings 3

Rupple, Luke Neville and Vince “The Don” Curcio scored for the Avs. Marty tied it late for the Wings with his 2nd.

Red Wings super sub Blair Collet was a force.

October 4th Game Reports

Penguins 5 Flyers 2

Flyers were down 5-0 at the half way point. Dave “The Sea Gull” Orr stopped everything thrown his way, even some freezer burned chicken wings being sold at Marinos.

The Flyers finally broke down the Pens shut out when “Private Eye” Cortese jumped on a Blair Collet turnover and burried it to make it 5-1 Pens.

Blair was checking his stocks behind the net and didn’t notice Cortese attacking him like Covid attacks anti-vaxers in the southern United States.

Bummer put another one in but the Flyers couln’t handle the fast skating Pens on this night.

When referencing the Flyers defensive performance, one MNHL’er described them as an old Orange Fanta bottle that someone left the lid off of… ORANGE and FLAT.

Kings 4 Leafs 2

The Kings took advantage of another slow start by the Leafs who were down by a pair before clawing back to even. Then a couple of quick Kings’ goals left the Leafs trying to figure out if these first few games were meaningless pre-season tune-ups.

The Leafs are hoping that their new unseen draft pick, still out on vaccine protocols, returns soon to turn the tide.

Talbot and the Leafs are looking for their 1st win in 2021

Red Wings 2 Whalers 0

Despite a great showing from Patty Rodriguez in net, the Whalers are unable to solve the riddle that was Red Wings sub goalie David “The Seagull” Orr and fall 2-0 as the Wings score an empty netter late to seal the deal.

Chester and “Party” Marty burried the biscuit for the Wings and the Glaciers (the old, slow but steady Wings Defense) and their 170 years of combined MNHL experience were able to hold off the attack until Russell showed up late, and a defibulator was able to be obtained to revive 3 of hte Wings d-men

Avalanche 3 Bruins 0

Jeff Anderson was a brick wall in front the purple headed monsters last night as the Avs jump out to a 2-0 start in their debut season.

Vince Curcio for GM of the year? (ha ha let’s not be crazy just yet)

Les “tie the” Knott, Joe Regnier and Vince “The Don” Curcio score for the Avs.

For the Bruins, Matt Snyder fell back to earth after a strong debut game. When asked for his comments after the game, Snyder remarked “at first I thought my jersey was too tight for me, but after 2 games… I KNOW it’s too tight for me”

Unfortunately, squeezing into a mens large may be reality for Snyder this season.

On a side note: Great to see Kevin Rupple back in the MNHL circling around all us out of shape guys, reminds me of the good old days when I was also still out of shape, but a few years younger.

September 27 Game Reports

Bruins 7 Kings 1

Bruins start off strong, their game sounded like a song.

The Cleland family flew, yes, even Andy too.

Skufca lead the second line, that guy aged like fine wine.

Snyder had a goal, it was all right. His Large sized jersey was very tight.

New guy Stenning was passing the puck. Bruins drafting him was pretty good luck.

Deaner in net was flashing the glove, the Kings forwards said “Dean show us some love”

But Dean could not hear them, his headphones too loud. Plus there was the non stop roaring of the MNHL Crowd.

In the end, ol’ Henry couldn’t muster enough goals. But they went to Marinos for some Chicken Wings in bowls.

Kings fall to the Bruins 7-1, Bruins relentless forecheck and Deans glove were too much for the Kings.

Whalers 2 Penguins 2

Curphey with 2 goals for the Green Fish who tie the Pens. Blair was too tired to provide game details, saying he was back checking very hard and needed a nap this morning.

Patty Rod in net for the Whalers, was apparently pretty good “I worked out this off season, doing more cardio” he reported “I parked my car 10 spaces further away at the Beer store.”

Patty Rod playing between the pipes for the Whale!

Flyers 5 Red Wings 3

The Flyers started the scoring with Rob “ mad dog “ Murray with his first of the season.

Bummer scored 2 beauty’s and 1 was his patented wide sweep and hard drive with his blazing speed top cheese.

Andy “Mr Smooth” Leung had a nice Cale Makar like “ jump in the rush“ deke a couple of wings and over the glove.

Bummer added another one similar to his first for second of the season. Andy got the empty netter to ice it at 5-3 

Dave “the sea gull”  Orr got an assist on the second goal 

Nice start for the Flyers against a deep Red Wings squad in their MNHL debut.

The game was tight until Bummer went off with 2 in a row. Red Wings goals from Marty, Russ and Andrew Parker. The “Glacier” D unit of the Red Wings (Glacier cause they move to slow) was solid but tired after the game.

Flyers looking good in their debut game.

Avalanche 6 Leafs 2

It was a tale of 2 games.

The expansion Avalanche came out strong early, no doubt buoyed by the fervor and excitement of their groundbreaking first game.

Les Knott scored the franchises 1st ever goal, and then followed that up with another, clearly cementing himself as the oldest rookie of the year candidate in the MNHL.

Leafs fell behind 3-0, but took the game over as it progressed. The first star was Avalanche goalie Jeff Andersen, who robbed the Leafs on many top tier chances.

A couple of late goals by the Avalanche sealed the deal.


Do you still have an MNHL Jersey from last year in your bag, at home etc?

Please bring it to the rink on the 27th. There will be a jersey drop box in the lobby of Rink A for you to leave it in and we will get it back to the appropriate captain.

If you have a jersey that’s similar color to your new team, don’t be afraid to bring it for the first few weeks as we sort out the jersey issue.


We play modified FAST BREAK hockey.

Faceoffs to start the game and after goals.

On a stoppage (off side, icing, goalie freeze, puck out of play etc) the offending team must give up the blue line to the other team. Once the puck crosses the blue line the game resumes.

Penalties are 3 minutes run time.

Games start 5 minutes after the ice time starts so be ready to go as soon as the flood is over and warm up quick (Dean… we are talking to you).

Because of the limited rosters, if you can’t make a game be sure to let your Captain know ASAP.

2021 – 2022 MNHL Schedule is LIVE

Check out our schedule page.

If for any reason we have to cancel games, we will simply skip those weeks and continue on with our schedule at our return.

Welcome the Flyers and Avalanche to the MNHL

MNHL Avalanche will be sporting Purple this season
Look out for the Flyers in Orange on the ice this MNHL Season


Sign up for Game Reminders

Text @MNHL to (514) 600-6049 to sign up for Game Reminders via Text Message

Harold James McCormick (Jim)

After a lengthy illness, Jim passed away on August 24, 2021 at University Hospital, London Ontario.

Dearly loved son of Paulina McCormick, Elmvale, Ontario. Predeceased by his Dad, Harold(2007) and his brother Bill (2005).

Survived by a sister, Barbara, nieces Julie Harvey and Jill Lee and their families and many good friends including Kevin, Randy, Steve , Pat and members of the men’s hockey league that he was such a part of. He also had many friends in the stock car racing field and was a member of the London St. Thomas Real Estate Board.

A private family service will take place with a celebration of life to follow at another time, yet to be determined.


We are sad to announce the passing of long time MNHL’er Jimmy McCormick this week. Jimmy was a part of the MNHL for over 35 years as a player and – more recently – as the Coach and GM of the Whalers team. Known for being a character, Jimmy could always be found in the lobby providing “feedback” to his boys in Green before roaming the dressing rooms post game to chat with the boys.

Jimmy also played a vital role in our planning of the annual Christmas and Year End parties, making sure the food was hot and ready for teams as they arrived.

A valuable member of the MNHL community, Jimmy will be missed.

Goalie Needed

Posted: August 9, 2021

The MNHL needs 1 more goalie for this season. If you are interested or know someone, please sign up by clicking the link above or email us directly at MondayNightHL@mondaynighthockeyleague


Game 1 scheduled for Sept 27th

Player Fees due by Sept 1 via e transfer to Kevin Noble (check your emial for details)

Any players not paid in full by Sept 1 may lose their spot as we will open the league up to our wait list players after that day. Any issues, contact Scott directly to discuss.

Draft to be completely shortly after the payment due date

MNHL Registration is FULL + Expansion Announcement

The MNHL registration for the 2021/2022 season is full. We will accept wait list sign ups that may open once payment is due.

Remember, players have until Sept 1 to make payment. Specific amounts due will be sent shortly once credits from past seasons are applied.

The league will move to an 8 team, 10 skater per team format playing 1 hour games. This will ensure we are in compliance with any potential Covid restrictions and also, was a result of our vote last year.

The 2 new teams joining the league are the Flyers and the Avalanche.

MNHL NEWS – MAY 31, 2021

SIGN UPS... Only 10 spots and 2 goalie spots remain. Sign up now. We are now accepting new player referrals. DO NOT DELAY, or you might be spending Monday nights watching The Bachelor with the wife this winter while the rest of the boys play hockey.

EXPANSION RUMORS… Rumors out of the MNHL Head Office suggest expansion may be on the way. In order to keep the MNHL running under expected Covid group size restrictions, there is whispers that the league will expand to add 2 new teams for the 2021 season.

An East Coast and West Coast team are likely to be the candidates. Don’t take a Flyer on this news, sometimes rumors have a way of growing as fast as an Avalanche

Stay tuned for more info!

May 27, 2021 Update on 2021-2022 Winter Season

The MNHL is moving ahead with planning for the 2021-2022 season under the assumption that we will be allowed to play at some point in the fall / winter. 

We are now accepting preliminary registrations for players to save their spot in the league.

Costs, payment due dates, credits for players who paid past league fees and league format, team size and rules will be communicated to you when more details emerge.

Until that time, reserve your spot now.  We will email out information when payment is due in the future and at that time players will have until the payment due date to confirm their spot by paying the league fees.

Sign up now by clicking on the registration link in the menu above.

We will also have information shortly on how credits will be applied for players who signed up for past seasons, cut short by Covid.

Any questions, email the MNHL at

— MNHL Board

Monday March 29, 2021 UPDATE

Unfortunately the MLHU has put London back into “Red” meaning no hockey at this time.

Our plan is to wait it out and see how much hockey we can get in when the restrictions lift.

Stay tuned for updates as information is released from the health unit.


The Penguins are your 2021 MNHL Champions. In a season riddled with Covid delays and lock downs, the Penguins persevered to become champions.

Penguins finally toss the monkey off their back, which you’d think would be an easy thing to do. 

After a Covid delayed season that felt like 15 years for Captain Collett, the Penguins finally hoisted the Cup. 

Like much of this past season the game was filled with mishaps, starting with the Bruins missing their goalie for the first 20 minutes of the game. Bruins players were struggling to find a willing substitute with Andy Cleland the logical replacement but went with 6 skaters instead. 

The game was off to a slow start with A Cleland not performing to his usual dominating standards.  According to post game reports Adam was practicing his patented toe drag move in the  dress room and dulled a skate blade in the process. 

The Penguins went up early with a few empty net goals, but Bruins kept it close, until the tardy tendy made his way on the ice. 

Leading 4-2 at that point  the Penguins turned up the heat and peppered the ill prep’d goalie pushing the lead to 6-2 before the Bruins could muster a comeback.

Bruised and confused the Cleland Clan could not generate any offense which relied on “The Commish” for most of the offence. 

The Penguins spread out their offence with goals from the 2 Steve’s that found twine behind the Bruins netminder. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t the final the fans came out to see but a Cup win none the less for the Penguins. 

Cup parade set for March 27th, starting at Regent St. then down to Marino’s parking lot. 

Please social distance during this prestigious  event

What I love most about this picture is just how darn proud he looks!

Leafs 5 Kings 2

Leafs capture 3rd place thanks to a gritty performance from their top 2 lines. Talbot says “we should be champs, we won our last 4 by 5 goals or more”. Talbot has his eyes set on Blairs boys in the summer continuation of the MNHL.

Whalers 6 Red Wings 1

Jimmy stays out of the toilet. Red Wings fall but have fun. Stan the Man gets the lone Wings goal.

March 15 Game Results

Penguins 4 Kings 3

Blair and the boys lock up 1st place with a victory over the Kings.

Leafs 9 Bruins 1

Leafs pound the Bruins thanks to 4 goals from Andrew P.

The Leafs lay claim for 2nd place but lose on total wins tie breaker to the Bruins who will take on the Pens for the MNHL Cup

Whalers 3 Red Wings 2

Deans solid goaltending wasn’t enough to keep the Wings in the win column. Whalers get another W and lock up a spot in the 5th place game vs the Red Wings.

MNHL Cup Schedule March 22

9:00 Penguins vs Bruins for the MNHL Cup

9:30 Leafs vs Kings for 3rd place

10:00 Whalers vs Red Wings in the Toilet Bowl