MNHL Golf Outing

The MNHL will hold a golf outing in anticipating of the 2021/2022 season on Saturday July 24th at Fanshawe Golf Club.

To sign up, contact El Presidente, Scott Cortese via email.

MNHL Registration is FULL + Expansion Announcement

The MNHL registration for the 2021/2022 season is full. We will accept wait list sign ups that may open once payment is due.

Remember, players have until Sept 1 to make payment. Specific amounts due will be sent shortly once credits from past seasons are applied.

The league will move to an 8 team, 10 skater per team format playing 1 hour games. This will ensure we are in compliance with any potential Covid restrictions and also, was a result of our vote last year.

The 2 new teams joining the league are the Flyers and the Avalanche.

MNHL NEWS – MAY 31, 2021

SIGN UPS... Only 10 spots and 2 goalie spots remain. Sign up now. We are now accepting new player referrals. DO NOT DELAY, or you might be spending Monday nights watching The Bachelor with the wife this winter while the rest of the boys play hockey.

EXPANSION RUMORS… Rumors out of the MNHL Head Office suggest expansion may be on the way. In order to keep the MNHL running under expected Covid group size restrictions, there is whispers that the league will expand to add 2 new teams for the 2021 season.

An East Coast and West Coast team are likely to be the candidates. Don’t take a Flyer on this news, sometimes rumors have a way of growing as fast as an Avalanche

Stay tuned for more info!

May 27, 2021 Update on 2021-2022 Winter Season

The MNHL is moving ahead with planning for the 2021-2022 season under the assumption that we will be allowed to play at some point in the fall / winter. 

We are now accepting preliminary registrations for players to save their spot in the league.

Costs, payment due dates, credits for players who paid past league fees and league format, team size and rules will be communicated to you when more details emerge.

Until that time, reserve your spot now.  We will email out information when payment is due in the future and at that time players will have until the payment due date to confirm their spot by paying the league fees.

Sign up now by clicking on the registration link in the menu above.

We will also have information shortly on how credits will be applied for players who signed up for past seasons, cut short by Covid.

Any questions, email the MNHL at

— MNHL Board

Monday March 29, 2021 UPDATE

Unfortunately the MLHU has put London back into “Red” meaning no hockey at this time.

Our plan is to wait it out and see how much hockey we can get in when the restrictions lift.

Stay tuned for updates as information is released from the health unit.


The Penguins are your 2021 MNHL Champions. In a season riddled with Covid delays and lock downs, the Penguins persevered to become champions.

Penguins finally toss the monkey off their back, which you’d think would be an easy thing to do. 

After a Covid delayed season that felt like 15 years for Captain Collett, the Penguins finally hoisted the Cup. 

Like much of this past season the game was filled with mishaps, starting with the Bruins missing their goalie for the first 20 minutes of the game. Bruins players were struggling to find a willing substitute with Andy Cleland the logical replacement but went with 6 skaters instead. 

The game was off to a slow start with A Cleland not performing to his usual dominating standards.  According to post game reports Adam was practicing his patented toe drag move in the  dress room and dulled a skate blade in the process. 

The Penguins went up early with a few empty net goals, but Bruins kept it close, until the tardy tendy made his way on the ice. 

Leading 4-2 at that point  the Penguins turned up the heat and peppered the ill prep’d goalie pushing the lead to 6-2 before the Bruins could muster a comeback.

Bruised and confused the Cleland Clan could not generate any offense which relied on “The Commish” for most of the offence. 

The Penguins spread out their offence with goals from the 2 Steve’s that found twine behind the Bruins netminder. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t the final the fans came out to see but a Cup win none the less for the Penguins. 

Cup parade set for March 27th, starting at Regent St. then down to Marino’s parking lot. 

Please social distance during this prestigious  event

What I love most about this picture is just how darn proud he looks!

Leafs 5 Kings 2

Leafs capture 3rd place thanks to a gritty performance from their top 2 lines. Talbot says “we should be champs, we won our last 4 by 5 goals or more”. Talbot has his eyes set on Blairs boys in the summer continuation of the MNHL.

Whalers 6 Red Wings 1

Jimmy stays out of the toilet. Red Wings fall but have fun. Stan the Man gets the lone Wings goal.

March 15 Game Results

Penguins 4 Kings 3

Blair and the boys lock up 1st place with a victory over the Kings.

Leafs 9 Bruins 1

Leafs pound the Bruins thanks to 4 goals from Andrew P.

The Leafs lay claim for 2nd place but lose on total wins tie breaker to the Bruins who will take on the Pens for the MNHL Cup

Whalers 3 Red Wings 2

Deans solid goaltending wasn’t enough to keep the Wings in the win column. Whalers get another W and lock up a spot in the 5th place game vs the Red Wings.

MNHL Cup Schedule March 22

9:00 Penguins vs Bruins for the MNHL Cup

9:30 Leafs vs Kings for 3rd place

10:00 Whalers vs Red Wings in the Toilet Bowl