About the M.N.H.L.

The Monday Night Hockey League is a recreational 35+ Hockey League playing out of Carling Arena in London, Ontario during the winter season.

League History

The MNHL has been around in various forms for over 30 years.

In 2015 the league was taken over by the current volunteer leadership and the decision was made to change directions, moving to a more relaxed, social type league.

League Purpose

The MNHL offers a safe, respectful, competitively balanced but clean hockey environment for players *35 and older who enjoy a night out with the boys playing a good game of Hockey.

It’s a social league as much as a hockey league.

League Mandates

The league is run with 3 mandates in mind (in order of importance):

  1. The mandate of keeping it SAFE for all players
  2. The mandate of  keeping it SOCIAL for all players
  3. and finally the mandate of keeping it COMPETITIVE for all player

Team Selection

Every year the league re-drafts players to create new, even teams using a modified blind draft.  This helps keep the aggressive play to a minimum.  The guy you are slashing this year may have been your line-mate last year or may be your teammate next year.

Players are organized into balanced groups so that each team gets 1 player from each group.  Each group should essentially contain players of equal skill.  Each team then selects 1 player from each equal and balanced group via blind draw.  This way players of similar skills are spread across all teams randomly creating a balanced and mixed roster for each team.  Players then play on that team all year and reenter the draft the next season where we do it all over again.

Players new to the league are given a 1 year grace period where they are allowed to play along side their “host” or the player who referred them.  After that they go into the draft like everyone else.

Sound confusing?  Don’t worry, we have done it before and it works great.

League Play

The league games operate with 1 referee (typical of many 35+ leagues) which is designed to control costs and also control aggressive play.

Due to Covid, we are likely going to run an 8 team league for 2021, with 10 skaters per team playing a 1 hour game.  Start times are between 9pm and 11pm but we try and spread these around so each team gets early and late starts.

There are no slap shots or intentional body contact.

The league has a zero tolerance policy regarding violence and non-sense.

The teams play for the coveted MNHL Cup – a glorious trophy made from the finest in silvers and gold the world has to offer.

League Leadership

The league is facilitated by a transparent leadership group including a president, treasurer, administrator, team captains and a few veteran players who help guide the league.

Volunteers fill the roles of Team Captains and a few administrators (President, Treasurer, Secretary, Advisers) to facilitate the league but this all of our league and we all work together to make it great.

Any costs to play in the league are used to cover the expenses to run the league.  Any remaining balance after the cost of ice time, referees, uniforms, insurance, web site fees, administrative costs etc is put back into the league going towards the social events, or to keep fees down.

Social Aspects

Aside from the hockey the MNHL invites players to a few social initiatives including:

A summer Golf outing and BBQ

An annual League Christmas Party

League Wrap Up Party after the last game of the season.

New Players

We’re always looking to grow the league by adding new players to our teams or spare list.

Cost for the 2021-2022 season is TBD but we’ll calculate that shortly.  Fees for the 2019 season, the last we ran before Covid were $420.00 per player.  We expect to be close to that for 2021-22.

**Full payment is due before the draft to ensure a spot.

If you are interested in joining the league send an email to mondaynighthl@gmail.com


*While our league does prefer players 35 years and older, we will make exceptions in certain situations at the leagues discretion.

**While we welcome and invite new players to the league both with and without a referral from an existing player, we reserve the right to remove a player from the league at anytime for any reason.  Reasons for removal may include but are not limited to behavior, on ice issues, safety concerns etc.  All new players are subject to a probationary period.

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