History of the MNHL

It’s our understanding that the league has been around since the 1960’s.

Long time players such as Andy Cleland and Rod Mitchell have played 30+ years in the league dating back to some of the wild times in the 1980’s.

Chuck Parker who just completed his 15th season shared some memories:

“…I just finished my 15th year Unfortunately I only have one picture from my first year in the league, the 2004-05 Orange Crush (but wearing Sharks Jerseys – go figure). Most of the team were guys named Cortese , I thought I was playing in Tennessee. There is someone you may recognize in the photo.  This is back when we use to play our finals at the John Labatt Centre…

You hear great stories from the old guys about former players. My son (Andrew Parker, current MNHL’er) was killing himself laughing at some the characters in our league (like “Miami the Goalie” a Joe Skufcas favourite”