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2019-2020 MNHL Rosters


Goalie Craig Dunbar
Adam Fremeth
Andrew Bratton
Andrew Sharpe
Andy Leung
Bob Andersen
Chris Higgins
Deven Richardson
Josh Dixon
Mike Courtney
Rich Wotton
Tim Dixon
Tim Gibson “C” 77
Tyler Smith


Goalie Steve Valenti
Dave Barrett
Henry Verbakel “C”
James Fiorello
Joe Torchia
John Lierman
Marty Camenzuli
Matt Pelletier
Mike Fornelos
Mike O’Neil
Murray Pratt
Rob DeJong
Steve Flax
Tim Beckett


Goalie Anthony Taylor
Darin Crockford
Adam Cleland
Andy Cleland
Evan Cleland
Jeff Stokely
Justin Peters
Kevin Noble
Oren Siegel
Rob Hunt
Rod Mitchell
Steve Adams
Talbot Stevens “C”


Goalie Dean Shill
Russell Rodrigues
Joe Regnier
Marc Lapointe
Marc LaLonde
Scott Cortese
Dave Rosen
Sil Pepe
Rich O’Donnel
Ryan O’Donnel
Blair Collett “C” 3
Scott Duncan
Randy Carroll
Scott McKillop


Goalie Dave Orr
Brad Nickle
Dave Bancroft
Dominic Cuzzocrea
Geoff Curphey
Jason DeLage
Joe Skufca “C”
Mike Sherlock
Paul McHenry/George Balicki
Scott Konopka
Sean O’Dwyer
Stan Norman
Vince Curcio
Mark Numans


Goalie Patrick Rodrigues
Andrew Parker
Rob Murray #11
Chad Reindeers #9
Chris Bumbacco
Chuck Parker #6
Clark Webster #5
David Kim
Matt MacDonald
Matt Snyder #4
Mike Jackson
Russell Smith
Steve Boone
Todd Wilcox
Jimmy McCormick “General Manager”



Here’s the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions…

Where do you Play?

Carling Arena in London, Ontario.

What nights are games?

Monday Nights.

What times?

Starts rotate between 9:00 and 10:30.  Games are 80 minutes.

When does the season run?

Late September / Early October to end of March.

How much does it cost?

2019-2020 fees were $440.00 per skater / goalies pay half.  Returning players often get the opportunity to sign up with an early bird discount.

How are teams formed?

We re-draft teams every year using a balanced draft system trying to mix and balance the teams as much as possible.  This allows players to meet new guys each year as players change teams every season.

What is the skill level?

Players skill range from old and good to pretty darn slow.

How competitive is the league?

It’s a social, relaxed league, more organized then pick up but less competitive then the NHL.  Players want to win but people don’t usually worry if they lose.

Who runs the league? 

The league is run by a volunteer group of Team Captains along with a President, Treasurer and Secretary that handle the administrative duties and make any decisions after seeking input from the players.

All players have a say in the league and all concerns are addressed by the leadership.

How do I sign up?

Email us today and we’ll give you the info.

I’m new to the league, what can I expect?

Moderately paced hockey combined with the usual dressing room banter.  Meet some good guys and get out of the house for a few hours on Mondays.

What equipment is required?

Regular hockey equipment, some sort of face protection (half visor minimum) is recommended.  Most players wear shoulder pads, some choose not to.  The league recommends all players wear full equipment including a full face mask as per standard hockey rules.  Players choosing to alter their equipment do so at their own risk.

Any special rules?

No slap shots.  No intentional contact.  No overly aggressive play.  No fighting.  Absolutely no punches.

What is the Refund Policy?

No refunds are available once the draft is completed.

Players who suffer season ending injury may be able to obtain a partial refund if a replacement player is found.  Transactions of that nature will be handled directly between the injured player and replacement player.  The MNHL will not facilitate.

Players who are asked to leave the league for behavior related issues may be granted a pro-rated refund at the leagues discretion.

What is the risk?

All sports carry an assumed risk by the participants.  By playing you assume this risk.  All effort will be taken to try and deter any overly aggressive or physical play.

Players who show this type of behavior may be asked to leave the league.

Anything Else?

Don’t be an idiot.  Remember it’s rec league hockey and the guy you are trying to fight might end up on your team next year.  Join us we’re always looking for new players.

MNHL Champions

Past MNHL Cup Champions

masnyderRED WINGS

2019 MNHL Champions Red Wings

Andy Cleland, Adam Cleland, Daryl Patterson, Dave Barret, David Orr (G), Evan Cleland, Geoff Curphey, George Balicki, Joe Regnier, Joe Skufca (C), John Gagel, Josh Dixon, Rod Mitchell, Tim Dixon


2018 MNHL Champions Whalers

Russell Rodrigues, Scott Duncan, Mike James, Andrew Bratton, Josh Scott, Scott Cortese, Vince Curcio, Mike Jackson, Chester Szypula, Clark Webster, Shawn Martin (G), Chris Bumbacco, Steve Adams, Jimmy McCormick (C)


2017 MNHL Champions Kings

Henry Verbakel (C), Andrew Carruthers, Brian Thompson, Chris Bumbacco, Dave Bancroft, Dave Rosen, Geoff Gurphey, Rich Wotton, Russel Smith, Mitch Orr, Shawn Martin (G)


2016 MNHL Champions Blackhawks

Talbot Stevens (C), Murray Pratt, Kevin Rupple, Steve Adams, Matt Snyder, Ryan Beliveau, Henry VerBakel, Chester Szypula, Andrew Sharpe, Tyler Smith, Shawn Martin (G)

League Sponsors, Special Deals and Tasty Recipes


Read this important message from Talbot Stevens

“For those who don’t know me, I’m the slow D on the Leafs.

I’m also a financial educator, author, and speaker.

I’ve created a new “MAX your RRSP Strategy“ Blueprint, and I’m looking for investors interested in providing feedback.  After discussing one of the blueprint’s ideas with David Chilton, he added a new chapter to his latest book, The Wealthy Barber Returns, to address it.

Combined, the ideas in the blueprint should help typical investors be MUCH more effective at building retirement funds.

Most will see improvements of over 100% from their future savings.

In addition to learning some wealth-building concepts, the feedback group will get a free “MAX your RRSP” spreadsheet to quantify how much your RRSP savings can improve.

If you’re interested in being part of the feedback group, let me know.”

Talbot Stevens
Speaker and Author of
The Smart Debt Coach: Secrets of the Rich to Increase Your Wealth and Security

Buying or Selling a House? 

Know someone who is?

Want to play for Free?  

Our very own Henry Verbakel has offered a great deal for MNHL’ers who provide a real estate referral that closes.

Basically on any referral from an MNHL player on a purchase or sale that closes, Henry will take 20% of his 2.5% commission and use that money to not only pay your 2016 players fee, but give the balance to the MNHL general account to pay for things like new jerseys, league parties and to keep registration costs down.

(For Example, on a sale of a $200,000.00 home with 2.5% commission to the selling agent = $5000.00 paid to Sutton Group Select Realty Inc. Brokerage. Out of the $5000.00,I will pay my Broker his share and a 20% referral fee will be paid to the MNHL.  $5000.00 x 20% = 1000.00, so, the player who referred the client gets his 400.00 fee paid and the balance of $600.00 is paid to the MNHL.)

Recently, 2016 MNHL Championship Captain Talbot Stevens was able to take advantage of this deal, buy referring a friend to Henry.  Once the deal closes Henry will pay Talbot’s $380.00 fee for next year and donate $560.00 to the MNHL.  That should just about cover the cost for jerseys for 2 more teams for next season.

If you, or a friend, family member or co-worker are planning on buying or selling why not refer them to Henry, save yourself some money, help the league out and get expert representation from one of the best in the business?

Henry has been an active MNHL player for many years.  He has also been a full time Real Estate Broker for 32 years, with Sutton Group Select Realty Inc. Brokerage, since 1992. Over the course of his Real Estate and hockey careers Henry has made great friendships both personal and business related, and have transacted many, many real estate deals with past and current MNHL members and their families.

When buying or selling Real Estate its very comforting and assuring working with an experienced agent you can trust, and that has been referred to you by someone you know.

Of course there will be no obligation on behalf of any player to participate if they so choose.

Contact Henry anytime:

Henry Verbakel
Broker, Market Value Appraiser, Relocation Specialist
Sutton Group Select Realty Inc. Brokerage
250 Wharncliffe Rd N.
London, ON N6H 2B8
519-495-4205 cell, 519-433-4331 office


Have you ever come off the ice after a 10-0 beat down from Henry’s Kings and smelled the sweet aroma of home made crock pot goodness?  Chances are it’s coming from the room of Talbot’s Leafs.
Last week, a special treat was enjoyed.  After rave reviews, the cook’s agent was convinced to release the recipe for all to enjoy.
All future royalties to go to the Jim McCormick’s Charity fund.
Wendel’s Wonderful Lasagna
by “Wendel” Clark Webster
(detailed enough so even a guy can make it!)

1. Put a 3/4 of a package of OVEN READY lasagna noodles into a large pot of hot water to soften. Make sure that the whole noodle has been softened. You might have to flip the noodles after a few minutes.

2. Preheat oven to 375.

3. Brown (using olive oil) a lb of LEAN GROUND BEEF in a large saucepan over MEDIUM HEAT with a diced RED ONION and a couple spoon fulls of CHOPPED GARLIC (we have a large container of already chopped garlic). Add ITALIAN SEASONING or BASIL AND OREGANO for spice.

4. Once the ground beef is browned, add 10 thickly chopped WHITE MUSHROOMS and continue cooking for a couple of minutes (the mushrooms should keep the majority of their size and cook a bit).

5. In an 8×10 baking dish (9×11 is fine – whatever you have) put a thin layer of CLASSICO FLORENTINE SPINACH & CHEESE spaghetti sauce on the bottom to prevent the noodles from sticking.

6. Place a row of softened lasagna noodles in one direction, horizontal or diagonal, on the thin layer of spaghetti sauce in the 8×10 dish.

7. Pour out the grease/ juice from the ground beef saucepan into the sink. Add the remainder of the CLASSICO FLORENTINE SPINACH & CHEESE spaghetti sauce in the large saucepan with the ground beef. I actually added an additional jar of the CLASSICO FLORENTINE SPINACH & CHEESE to make it extra saucy.

8. Pour a layer of meat sauce over the lasagna noodle row (almost half of what was in the saucepan).

9. Cover with a layer of RICOTTA CHEESE. I used a whole 500g container.

10. Cover with a thin layer of shredded MOZZARELLA CHEESE.

11. Make another layer of meat sauce (use the rest of what is left in the saucepan). 

12. Cover with another row of lasagna noodles going in the OPPOSITE direction of the previous row of noodles.

13. Finally, make a layer of SHREDDED MOZZARELLA CHEESE. I ended up using the whole 450g package of cheese in the one I made.

14. Garnish with PARSLEY.

15. Share with team!



IMG_20190325_222050511IMG_20190325_222042894IMG_20190325_222034902IMG_20190325_222009093IMG_20190325_221953835IMG_20190325_221946282IMG_20190325_221937692scottIMG_0345IMG_0338IMG_0351mnhl 2MAURY

2017 MNHL Cup Finals

Adam Foulon on a Penalty Shot


2016 MNHL Finals

2016 MNHL Post Season Party


Chester and Jimmy at the post season celebration

Stars vs Bruins

Stars vs Penguins

Snyder, Cleland and Collett at the MNHL 12 Bars of Christmas Party
Matt Snyders 1st MNHL Goal
Blackhawks Stud Ryan Beliveau has some puck bunnies





Approved Spares

Spares pay $10.00 Cash per game to the Captain.  

Spare goalies are free.

Want to be added to our Spare List? Click here to Email the MNHL.


Alex Peterson 519 494 9891

Rob Durno

Scott McGowen 519 697 7534

Adam McKenna

Geremy McFadden 519 857 6403

Brian 519 494 1087


Ryan Beliveau – Resident Stud (Fan Club Included) 519 619 0931

Ernie Tell 226 688 7532

Dan Jackson 905 324 8206

Dave Barrett

John McArthur (F / D) (The Original “Hired Gun”)

Mitch Orr (D)

Tim Beckett 519 670 9453

Kent Cox 

Matthew Vlemix 519 719 1800

Mike Henderson 519 630 5877

Sil Pepe 519 639 8456


Place Team GP W L T PTS
1st Kings 18 10 4 4 24
2nd Bruins 18 10 6 2 22
3rd Leafs 18 8 6 4 20
4th Whalers 18 8 8 2 18
5th Red Wings 18 6 8 4 16
6th Penguins 18 4 14 0 8

Playoff Tie Breakers

  1. Most Points
  2. Most Wins
  3. Head to Head – Season Results
  4. Head to Head Results – Most Recent Game (going back until the tie is broken)
  5. Better record vs next highest available team, if applicable
  6. Most recent game result vs next highest available team, if applicable
  7. Coin Toss

*In the event of a multi team tie, the tie breaker is used to determine highest seed, the tie breaker system is then restarted between remaining teams until all ties are broken.

Note:  Goals For / Against is not considered due to the unreliability of score reporting