MNHL Champions

Past MNHL Champions

KINGS 2023

2023 MNHL Champion Kings

Tyler Swartzenburg, Henry Verbakel (C), Steve Adams,  Andrew Sharpe, Dave Rosen, Mike Courtney, Geoff Curphey, Jeff Stokley, Rich Wotton, Daniel Wilson


2022 MNHL Champion Kings

Andrew Sharpe, Daniel Wilson, Dave Breau (G), Henry Verbakel (C), John Lierman, Nick Buckholz, Oren Siegel, Rich Wotton, Stephen Adams, Tim Beckett, Tyler Swartzenburg


 2021 MNHL Champion Penguins

Blair Collett (C), Mike Sherlock, Sean O’Dwyer, Steve Boone, Todd Wilcox, Steve Flax, David Kim, Justin Peters, Scott Konopka, Mark Numans, Anthony Taylor (G)

NO MNHL 2020

masnyderRED WINGS

2019 MNHL Champions Red Wings

Andy Cleland, Adam Cleland, Daryl Patterson, Dave Barret, David Orr (G), Evan Cleland, Geoff Curphey, George Balicki, Joe Regnier, Joe Skufca (C), John Gagel, Josh Dixon, Rod Mitchell, Tim Dixon


2018 MNHL Champions Whalers

Russell Rodrigues, Scott Duncan, Mike James, Andrew Bratton, Josh Scott, Scott Cortese, Vince Curcio, Mike Jackson, Chester Szypula, Clark Webster, Shawn Martin (G), Chris Bumbacco, Steve Adams, Jimmy McCormick (C)


2017 MNHL Champions Kings

Henry Verbakel (C), Andrew Carruthers, Brian Thompson, Chris Bumbacco, Dave Bancroft, Dave Rosen, Geoff Gurphey, Rich Wotton, Russel Smith, Mitch Orr, Shawn Martin (G)


2016 MNHL Champions Blackhawks

Talbot Stevens (C), Murray Pratt, Kevin Rupple, Steve Adams, Matt Snyder, Ryan Beliveau, Henry VerBakel, Chester Szypula, Andrew Sharpe, Tyler Smith, Shawn Martin (G)


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