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The 2018-2019 Rosters are SET!

Does your team have what it takes to Capture the MNHL Cup?



2018 MNHL Draft

The MNHL Draft is set for Sept 24th where the 6 captains will choose the teams they hope to lead to the MNHL Cup in March.

Stay tuned to your emails shortly after for the rosters and schedules.

Hows the Draft Work?                                                                

The board evaluates and divides all players into groups of 6.

Each group of 6 should contain 6 players who are equal in ability.

Other factors that are considered in choosing the groups of 6 are, positional preference (defense vs forward) and age.

Each captain then chooses – at random – a player from each group of 6 which should allow each team to have equal talent dispersed across the league.

Players in their 1st year in the league are allowed to play their first season with the player who brought them in.  So if a team drafts a player in the 3rd round, they automatically draft said players “new player referral” in the corresponding round.  The next yaer they go into the draft.

Captains “draft” themselves in the round that their group is drafted.

That’s it – a blind draft based on equal talent distribution that mixes up the league each year.

We are on the ice Monday October 1st

The MNHL Cup is Monday March 25th

No Games:  December 24 (Christmas Eve), December 31 (New Years Eve) , February 18 (Family Day) and March 11 (March Break).


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