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November 11 Game Reports

Whalers 7 Leafs 6

Whalers and Leafs in a shoot out battle with the Whalers responding late with a flurry of goals to regain the lead after the Leafs took charge with a strong late 1st period push.

Both teams controlled the fore check at times, pinning the other deep in their zone.  A late game zamboni interruption may have been the cause of a late Leafs lapse, as they appeared more offended then a Don Cherry TV viewer that the rink rat blew the buzzer while they were on the attack.

The Whalers took advantage of the 10 minute break by resting their heavy legs.

Bruins 4 Pens 2

While they were missing their leader Blair, the Pens jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead on a couple of nice shots.

The Bruins benefited from the intermission and flood as they regrouped and Pen momentum stalled.

In the second session the Bruins buzzed around Dean who was a wall, but finally the Bruins broke through on a bullet from Andrew Sharpe.

Was it a slap shot?  Hard to tell as Andrew’s knees are really high and have a tendency to float up. Rich Wotton tied things on one of several breakaways. This time he had the audacity to try shooting glove side where Dean’s mitt can block the sun.  Amazingly he succeeded and the Bruins were in business.

Bruins took the lead on a beautiful deflection on a blast from the point by Tim Gibson. The other, smaller, more nimble Tim (Dixon) sealed it on a rebound from the slot (drilled of the post and in).

Red Wings 5 Kings 3

Red Wings finally break out of their losing streak with hard fought 5-3 win against the Kings who were a missing few players.

Red Wings goal scorers were Stan Norman,  Scott Konopka, Dominique Cuzzocrea and Joe Skufca with 2.

November 4 Game Reports

Whalers 7 Red Wings 1

Red Wings lose at least 7-1 to the Whalers.  A solid night for Whalers tender Patrick as even the Red Wings lone goal was controversial but the ref did feel sorry for the Red Wings.  Red Wings continue with a lot of players on injured reserve.  A lone Red Wings goal from Vince Curcio was the only thing keeping Patrick from a shut out.

It goes with out saying how big Jimmy’s smile was last night.

Bruins 2 Leafs 1

Leafs jump out to a quick lead thanks to a nice rush by Adam Cleland.

Despite having only eight skaters, the Bruins showed their playoff form beating the Leafs 2-1 in a tight-checking game.

Defensively, the Leafs were much improved over previous starts, but the Bruins were even better allowing a single goal.

The game remained tight with great defense at both ends (both teams dealing with short benches – must be post Halloween chocolate overdosing). 

The offense from the Bruins came from the Tims, with Tim Gibson lifting an aerial pass to Tim Dixon for a breakaway goal with a great deke at the end.

Very late, tiny Tim Gibson drills one from the point of that deflects in for the game winner.

First star goes to Adam Sharpe for showing up (albeit late) and bringing a great selection of tall boys.

Kings 8 Penguins 5

Pens jump out to a 3-1 lead in the first period only to see the Kings tie it and never look back taking the victory 8-5 over the Pens.

John Fornier and Rob Dejong with 2 ginos each led the way for the Kings.

October 28 Game Reports

Bruins 5 Red Wings 0

Gentlemen, be warned…. Craig Dunbar has awoken, and the MNHL may never be the same again.

The Bruins used some reverse psychology last week at Marinos, convincing the Red Wings to feel sorry for them for being in last placed and it worked perfectly in this 5-0 thumping.

A very close game for a long time with David Orr making some amazing saves on several breakaways, but alas the Bruins took the lead on a seeing eye shot by Andrew Sharpe.

Tim Gibson opened the floodgates late to get the 3rd goal and the Wings let down after that.  Perhaps they were missing Brad Nicole or maybe they were sandbagging to avoid any impending roster moves.  Bruin defense (Andersen Gibson Higgins and Richardson) were certainly excellent.


Kings 5 Whalers 3

A decently paced game dominated by 2 strong goaltenders that saw the Kings jump out to a lead only for the Whalers to score back to back goals to jump up 3-2 going into the last 10 minutes.

Henry’s Kings tied it, then took the lead, then added the insurance goal into the empty net with under 1 minute left to ice it.

Highlights of the night included Whalers tendy Patrick making several break away saves, Henry giving Bumbacco a run for his money on an open ice check and the Whalers post game coaching session from Coach Jimmy, who threatened to demote any “unmotivated players” to the Minors aka Sunday Morning Hockey…. When reminded that if he did that he may have to take a turn bringing beer himself, he quickly relented.

Penguins 6 Leafs 3

The flightless birds sprouted wings and flew all over the ice to down the limp Leafs 6-3.

The Cleland gang scored all of the Leafs’ goals, while the Penguins’ attack was lead by the Presidente, Scott Cortese, who potted a pair.

October 21 Game Reports

Leafs 7 Kings 7

The mighty Kings were missing two of their snipers but still determined to topple the unbeaten Leafs.

Down by two goals early, the Kings pushed back to take a 5-2 lead, lead by their superstar Marty Camenzuli and a pair of goals by Tim Beckett. In the final minutes, the Leafs came back to within one goal and then pulled their goalie. Returning veteran Steve Adams banged in some loose change in the dying seconds to secure the 7-7 comeback and the single point.

Pleased with the comeback and his squad’s offensive production distributed among seven different scores, the Leafs’ manager Stevens cited his disappointment with his team’s back end. “We have to be better defensively,” he explained. “When you score 7 goals, you should win.”

Wings 6 Penguins 4

Penguins battled hard with a short bench.

The Red Wings used Anthony Taylor to secure the win in net subbing in for Dave Orr who is on injured reserve. Wings goal scores were Scott Konopka 2, Geoff Curphey, Sean Dwayer, Joe Skufca and Dave Bancroft.

Whalers 6 Bruins 4

Bruins jump out to an early lead with Craig Dunbar playing sharp in net.  The Whalers battled back on 2 goals from Rob Murray and the strong leadership of Clarke Webster and strong play on the back end from Matt MacDonald, Mike Jackson, Chad Reinders and David Kim.

Beautiful goal from Todd Wilcox, a Tic-Tac-Todd type goal.

Whalers forward Snyder was a shell of his former self, essentially taking up space for the Green Fish.  When asked about his slow start, he commented that he didn’t really participate in any dry land off season training… “Dry Land Training?  I thought Jimmy told me to do more Dry Rib training”

October 14 Game Reports

Leafs 3 Red Wings 3

In a tight game that saw the Wings’ “Superman” Geoff Curphey flying all over the ice, The star defense man of the Red Wings was determined to carry his team to victory.

Despite playing every position on the ice simultaneously and scoring a goal, Curphey would have to settle for a 3-3 tie against the Buds.  Stan Norman with another 2 goals in what can only be described as a contract year for the grizzled vet.

Bruins 9 Kings 6

The Bruins were very short handed – only 7 skaters – so Gibby Junior was a key addition as a spare, netting 2 goals.  Rich Wotten had a huge night pumping 4 into the Kings net.

Whalers 6 Penguins 4

Whalers score 6 and finally get some team D as they clip the wings of the Penguins who were likely too busy thinking about their free slice of post game Marino’s pizza.

October 7 Game Reports

Kings 6 Red Wings 6

An even game between 2 strong foes that had the Kings claw back from a 5-2 deficit to tie it late.  Red Wings got goals from Mike Sherlock (2), Dave Bancroft (2) Stan Norman and Joe Skufca.

Leafs 9 Whalers 5

The Leafs pulled out their fishing rods and caught them selves a big one with this humbling defeat of the Whalers.

Poor Patrick Rodriguez was penetrated thru the five hole, top glove and around the back.

In good news, the Whalers decreased their GAA per game by 2 so… that’s a positive for the Green Fish.

Penguins 4 Bruins 3 

Pens took advantage of an off man rush to pull ahead and held a 2 goal lead for most of the game.  Adam Frimeth scored with seconds left to make it look closer for the Bruins, who out shot the Pens but were unable to get more past Dean The Machine and his brand new white pads.

Pens appear to have had a late night at Marino’s to celebrate so, spirits were high after the win for the Birds of Blue.

September 30 Game Reports

The skates were rusty, the hands were sloppy and the lungs were burning but the beer was cold and the jerseys – for the most part – were clean.  MNHL Hockey was BACK!

Leafs 3 Bruins 2

Bruins were down to 9 skaters and missing captain Tim but still put up a valiant fight. Leafs got things going with goals by Adam Cleland (seems fitting he got the first goal of the MNHL season) and Rod Mitchell. Bruins then clawed back to tie before the Leafs pitted the winner on a weird bouncer at the side of the net.

Bruins were desperate for the 9:50 flood that never came. Hopefully the rink rats figure out our schedule soon.

The Leafs start well with goals from Adam Cleland and rookie Dave Benson on a beautiful tip-in. Then the Bruins push back with Andy Leung and Rich Wotton capitalizing on some sloppy defensive zone clearing.

In the final minutes, it looked like the game might end in a draw until another Leafs rookie Darin Crockford jammed one past Craig Dunbar to give the Buds the first win of the 2019-20 MNHL season.

The Leafs skipper Talbot knows that they’ll have to do better next time against the Bruins, as the narrow victory came against a depleted opponent who had only nine skaters, and were missing their big horse and leader on D, Tim Gibson.

Kings 6 Penguins 3

Looks like Henry’s Peleton account is paying big dividends as the Kings routed the Penguins to start the season.

Up 5-0 at the half the Kings cruised to victory with Marty supplying much of the offensive threat.

Henry was also instrumental in the win with a goal and assist… too much celebrating to know who scored.  Henry looked in mid season form.  Had he lost weight or was everyone else just fatter?  Only time will tell…

Pens were frustrated by solid goal-tending and not capitalizing on open net chances, one thing Coach Collett did say they’d be working on in practice.

Best play of the might was a shot of Jamieson enjoyed by a couple of loaner at Marinos.

Red Wings 11 Whalers 6

Whalers fall to the Wings without their star Bumbacco who they were counting on for 5 goals per game.

Red Wings flying around the ice getting scoring from their entire bench.  Many of the Whalers seemed confused by Jimmy’s pre-game motivational speech.


Yesterday we sent out a text, if you received it you are already in our 2019-2020 game time reminder bulk text group.

If you did not receive it, you can sign up for the weekly reminder texts by texting: @MNHL to: (514) 600-6049

Texts are sent out each Sunday afternoon with that week’s game times

The rosters have been uploaded following a spirited MNHL Draft and the schedule has been finalized.

Check it out!

Hockey is Close…

The 2019-2020 Schedule is uploaded.

The draft will take place Sept 30 with team rosters being released shortly after.

The season is approaching, time to sharpen the skates and tape the sticks boys!

2019 – 2020 MNHL Season

The MNHL 2019-2020 season will start Monday Sept 30th. 

The draft and schedule will be completed shortly, so stay tuned.

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